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Campbell County Fair Historic Photo
Campbell County Fair Historic Photo
Black and white photo of a group of men and women gathered together in front of the Lone Star school for the fair. (Photo: Campbell County Rockpile Museum, Used with Permission)

OC Equity, LLC (“Outliers”) is working in collaboration with the Campbell County Fair to celebrate the centennial of the original local fair and the contributions of the fair and agriculture to our county over the past 100 years.

One piece of the centennial celebration is the development of a commemorative book. The completed book will be approximately 250 pages, printed in color, and linen bound.

The commemorative book is a collaboration between the Campbell County Fair, Campbell County Rockpile Museum, and Outliers.

The Rockpile Museum has scoured their archives for photos, information, and artifacts, many of which will be featured within the book. The fair has also pulled from their archives and Outliers has been working with locals to gather even more photos and artifacts to tell this important story.

Photographs & Artifacts

If you have photos, stories, or information you’d like to share, we are indebted to you.

Digitized photos can be submitted through this site and original photographs can be dropped off at the Campbell County Fair Office for scanning by Outliers and subsequently returned to you. Any artifacts (e.g. ribbons, awards, fair projects, etc.) which you believe should be included will be professionally photographed for possible inclusion in the commemorative book and should be dropped off at the Fair Office.

All photos gathered will be scanned and all artifacts will be photographed. These digital photos will be provided to the Rockpile Museum as part of this project for inclusion in their database of Campbell County history.

Submit Photos Online

Photos and artifacts may also be dropped off at the Campbell County Fair Office, 1635 Reata Drive, Gillette, Wyoming 82718. You can contact the Fair Office by phone at (307) 687-0200.

B/W photograph of Hereford cattle being judged and shown at the old Campbell County Fairgrounds. There is nothing on the back of this photograph. (Photo: Campbell County Rockpile Museum, Used with Permission)

Fair Centennial Families

The story of the fair is in many ways the story of agriculture in Campbell County. For this reason, the story can’t be told without focusing on the families who have been in Campbell County since the first fair and whose influence has remained in the fair and agriculture.

Approximately one-half of the book will be devoted to telling these stories. If your family has been in Campbell County since 1921, remained involved in agriculture, and had regular participation with the Campbell County Fair, we want to hear from you and we want to tell your story.

Applications due July 9, 2021.

Submit Your Family Name (or download a print application)

Color photograph of a gentleman holding a beautiful Appaloosa Good OK foal. Three women with another foal can be seen in the background. They are standing on the race track just outside the rodeo arena at the old fairgrounds in Gillette, Wyoming. There is nothing on the back of this photograph. (Photo: Campbell County Rockpile Museum, Used with Permission)

Only 250 copies of the completed commemorative book – featuring history on the Campbell County Fair and local families with 100 years or more history in Campbell County agriculture – will be printed. If you’d like your name on the waiting list, please click here. Final sale price per book is estimated to be between $125 and $150 per book.

Reserve My Centennial Commemorative Book

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