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County 17 welcomes opinion submissions to educate our readers. Opinion submissions should be designed to educate. They should focus on facts and points of views. As opposed to a traditional letter to the editor, County 17 Community Opinion is more like writing an opinion paper. Share your thoughts, but back it up with information, facts, and sources.

Comments expressing all points of views are welcome, but we will not publish submissions that include inappropriate language, hate speech, personal attacks or attacks on specific businesses, threats, or are factually inaccurate.

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Opinion writers will have their pieces signed with their first and last name and home town when published. Pieces longer than 1,000 words will be shortened unless the additional length helps to communicate the position of the writer. Should your piece be longer than 1,000 words, please proactively reach out to us at tips@county17.com or submit your piece online here.

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