Arrests & Arraignments

General Notes

The ages of all individuals are now redacted from the arrest report, as well as the names of those charged with a felony. This new policy from the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office (S.O.) was at the direction of the County Attorney’s Office. County 17 has worked with the courts to obtain publicly available information on those individuals being arraigned in order to provide information which was previously received from the S.O. County 17 does not guarantee this to be a full or complete list given the multiple sources needed to compile the information.

Policies Regarding Arrests & Arraignments

Oil City News/County 17 makes available through our Site and Services, as those terms are defined within our Terms of Use, publicly available information on arrests and arraignments (collectively “Arrests & Arraignments”). Arrests & Arraignments may be referred to on the Site as the “blotter”, arrests, arraignments, bookings, or through other similar words and phrases.

Names are sometimes withheld at the request of law enforcement or to protect victims. All persons cited or arrested are presumed innocent until convicted in a court of law. Charges/offenses are subject to change following official filing by prosecutors.

Oil City News does not guarantee the Arrests & Arraignments to be a full or complete list of every arrest or arraignment given the multiple sources needed to compile the information. In order to timely post Arrests & Arraignments information, arrests will be reported after compiling the information from law enforcement press briefings. Arraignments (which occur each business day at 1:30 p.m.) will be included for the previous day.

Removal of Arrests & Arraignments from Site

Everybody makes mistakes. You shouldn’t have to be reminded of them forever. Through our Site, as that term is used within our Terms of Use, Oil City News makes Arrests & Arraignments available to our audience and readers. Oil City News will, however, make unavailable for public viewing via our Site and Services Arrests & Arraignments posts after one (1) calendar year. Posts will not become inaccessible daily, but instead through regular monthly batch updates (e.g. all Bookings posts from October of 2019 will be made inaccessible via our Site and Services within the month of November 2020).

Unfortunately, the Internet catalogs and archives significant amounts of data which may still be accessible via other sites, platforms, or services even after Oil City News has made the original Arrests & Arraignments post(s) inaccessible to the public via our Site and Services and we make no warranty or representation that information will still not be available regarding the Booking(s) through other sites, platforms, or services, or still be available for public inspection at the applicable governmental office or courthouse.

We Got It Wrong?

As we said above, everybody makes mistakes. If we made a mistake regarding you or somebody you know in Arrests & Arraignments, please reach out to us immediately via our contact information. We take pride in taking directly from law enforcement reports, daily briefings, affidavits, and court records the information we make available on the Site and via the Services with regard to Arrests & Arraignments.

If you reach out to us believing an error has been made, we will first check to see if the information we posted is consistent with the information provided to us by law enforcement or the courts. If we made a mistake, we will immediately correct the information on the Site and also make note of the correction via our Site and Services. If our posting is consistent with the information we were provided by law enforcement or the courts, we will ask that you address your concerns with the applicable governmental agency.