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Terms of Use

The County 17 Terms of Use establish the relationship you have with OC when you use our site and/or any of our related digital services and branded platforms. Your use of constitutes your agreement to all terms. (Last updated 10/14/2021).

Privacy Policy

The County 17 Privacy Policy governs how OC handles your information and the information we collect. (Last updated 10/14/2021).

Changes to Terms

Outliers Creative, LLC, a Wyoming limited liability company (“OC”), reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms and conditions under which this Site and our Services, as those terms are defined within our Terms of Use, are offered.  The most current versions of any terms and conditions or policies will supersede all previous versions.  OC encourages you to periodically review the applicable terms and conditions and policies on this site. OC operates County 17 under the registered County 17 trade name.

Miscellaneous Policies

Advertising Agreement

The terms under which advertising on our Site and Services are governed. Click here to review the Agreement. (Last updated 10/14/2021).

Arrests & Arraignments (fka Bookings)

OC/County 17 makes available through our Site and Services, as those terms are defined within our Terms of Use, publicly available information on arrests and arraignments. For more information on the policies regarding that information, please review our Arrests & Arraignments (fka Bookings) policies. (Last updated 10/14/2021).


Comments made through our Sites and Services, as those terms are defined within our Terms of Use, are governed by our Terms of Use and this brief summary does not limit your responsibility to observe all applicable terms regarding the same within our Terms of Use.

County 17 generally welcomes comments expressing all points of views on our posts, media, Site, and Services – both positive and negative – but County 17 reserves the right to remove posts that contain inappropriate language, links to items for sale, hate speech, personal attacks, threats, are factually inaccurate, or are off-topic.

Our general guidance on comments: (a) Be polite; (b) Be honest; (c) Be helpful; (d) Remember, if you see something that is so shocking that it defies logic, it probably is. Don’t share things that you don’t know are true; (e) Just as you are allowed to share your opinions, others are too; (f) Freedom of speech comes with a responsibility to use that freedom responsibly and respectfully; (g) Don’t attack other people. (Last updated 10/14/2021).

Opinion Submissions

Opinion submissions to County 17 are governed by our Opinion Submissions Policy(Last updated 10/14/2021).

Contact Us

OC welcomes your questions or comments regarding any of our Legal terms, conditions, and/or policies:

OC Equity, LLC
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(307) 686-5121 – phone – email

Last updated October 14, 2021
Change Log (included for convenience only – not to be interpreted as a detailed list of any and all changes/revisions):
10/14/2021: Changed “Bookings” to “Arrests & Arraignments”
12/8/2020: Added information regarding Opinion submissions.
12/7/2020: Formatting and definitions.
12/1/2020: Transitioned Bookings to separate page. Added abbreviated comment guidelines.
11/6/2020: Added link to Advertising Agreement.
11/5/2020: Added time for adding arraignments to Bookings posts.

11/3/2020: Added Miscellaneous Policies regarding Bookings.
10/27/2017: Originally posted links to Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.