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Are you interested in getting your company in front of local Gillette readers while also supporting local journalism and community news? We offer several ways to spread the word about your company, organization, non-profit or political campaign through our Community Partnerships, Display Ad Program or Promoted Posts on County 17 and category exclusivity is available.

Looking for the best return for your advertising dollar in Campbell County?

County 17 averages between 80,000 and 90,000 users per month. Our analytics and data are second to none:

80,000 to 90,000 users per month (as many as 100,000+ in high traffic months)
270,000+ average sessions per month (minimum 200,000)
425,000+ average pageviews per month (minimum 375,000)
100,000+ engaged Facebook Users per month
1,300,000+ Facebook Impressions per month
21,000+ Facebook followers
Data compiled from Google Analytics and Facebook Analytics by month over the previous 12-month period

Compare us to our peers?

County 17 content is always free – nothing is hidden behind a paywall
We destroy our peers in engagement – every week
When we say impressions, it's not an estimate of who drove by – we can show you actual data
When a user sees your ad or content, they can go straight to you
Data shows that having your brand next to quality news (instead of the random pages Google places your digital ads on) increases brand trust
 Our pages have a limited number of ads specifically placed to gain attention and avoid blinding users to advertiser content
We put our stats online for everybody to see – try getting that from our competitors
→ Options for display advertisingpromoted posts, sponsorships, and community partnerships


October 2020 Google Analytics Data on Users
October 2020 Google Analytics Data on Users


October 2020 Google Analytics Data on Demographics
October 2020 Google Analytics Data on Demographics
County 17 Engagement on the Week Ending August 21, 2020
County 17 Engagement on the Week Ending August 21, 2020

Promoted Posts

Your message. Our platform. Our audience. Our expertise.

 Your message next to our news on County 17
→ Shared to County 17 social media (largest Facebook audience in Gillette and Campbell County)
 Great way to share job opportunities, events, announcements, special offers, new services, testimonials, or business achievements
 $250/post or five (5) posts for $1,000
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Display Advertising

Traditional advertising on our superior platform.

 Limited to 25 advertiser slots per week
Sold by the slot
 Category exclusivity
 Full-color, animated display ads (design included)
 Guaranteed 50,000 impressions/month, with our limited number of ads on each page
 Starting at $500/month

Sponsorships and Community Partnerships Available Too

Reach out to us for custom packages, sponsorship opportunities, community partnerships, and more.

 Community Partners receive logo placement on every page and in all County 17 newsletters
 Category exclusivity
 Limited to eight (8) total businesses

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Our advertising team focuses on building relationships and helping you build your business instead of just making a one-time sale. See how County 17 can help your business or organization meet its goals by reaching out to us.
(307) 686-5121

Online Services

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