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Countywide fire restrictions effective July 5

File Photo (Campbell County Fire Department)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Citing dry conditions and high fire danger, the Campbell County Fire Department has implemented countywide fire restrictions, outlawing fires, fireworks and other activities beginning July 5. 

According to the Fire Prevention Order, the restrictions will apply to all lands within Campbell County, excluding federal lands, after Independence Day. 

Under the order, all open fires are prohibited including campfires, warming fires, prescribed burns, firepits, bonfires and trash fires. Trash burning is allowed between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. so long as it is done in an area cleared of debris and in a container equipped with a spark arrester. 

Use and sale of fireworks is also prohibited, as are any explosives including tracers or steel-core ammunition, exploding targets and fuse devices used to ignite explosive materials, per the order. 

Disposing of burning substances such as cigarettes, cigars or matches is prohibited as well, the order states, adding that residents may only use chainsaws that are equipped with a properly installed spark arrester. 

Welding, grinding, blasting and torches or other equipment with an open flame are only allowed if done in a debris-free area at least 10 feet in diameter, per the order, which also prohibits grills, stoves and smokers outside improved areas. Only gas stoves are allowed in unimproved areas. 

The only exception to the order applies to federal, state and local fire or law enforcement officers participating in fire, emergency and law enforcement activities. Exceptions are also granted to mines and mine sites.