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Wyoming’s WIC Program helps thousands of families

(Tommy Culkin, Oil City News)

CASPER, Wyo. — Free nutritious foods and education, breastfeeding support and healthcare referrals are offered to thousands of families across the state by the Wyoming WIC Program, operated by the Wyoming Department of Health, according to a press release.

The Wyoming WIC Program features free, easy-to-use benefit cards participants can take to local stores to get nutritious foods at no cost. Some WIC families are also eligible for infant formula benefits. WIC is aimed at helping women who are pregnant or new moms of infants and children up to age 5.

“We know WIC services can significantly improve participant health while also helping people feed their families during a key period of child development,” Tina Fearneyhough, WIC program manager, said in a release.

Fearneyhough described ongoing efforts to modernize and help make the program even more readily available for participating families.

“We now offer virtual appointments to our WIC participants if needed or requested and have developed consistent digital resources our staff can use to help WIC families,” she said, “Later this year we will offer new cards with enhanced, user-friendly technology and we think participants will like the upgrade.”

Wyoming WIC serves families with incomes up to 185% of the federal poverty income guidelines. Qualifying income guidelines for WIC have been updated effective July 1:

  • One-person family: $27,861/year or $2,322/month
  • Two-person family: $37,814/year or $3,152/month
  • Three-person family: $47,767/year or $3,981/month
  • Four-person family: $57,720/year or $4,810/month
  • Five-person family: $67,673/year or $5,640/month

Families already using SNAP, TANF or Wyoming Medicaid benefits also qualify for WIC.

“Our income guidelines are adjusted each year. Our new guidelines may help a few more families to be eligible for WIC benefits,” Fearneyhough said in a release.

Wyoming residents can apply for WIC benefits. WIC is not just for moms; all caregivers of young children are welcome to apply, including dads, foster parents, guardians, grandparents and step-parents.

WIC clinics are located throughout the state and can be found by using the Clinic Locator online or by calling 1-888-996-9378.