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Gordon energy policies, Dry Fork Station feature on CBS program ’60 Minutes’

GILLETTE, Wyo. — If you caught the most recent episode of the CBS show “60 Minutes” this past Sunday, you were sure to see some familiar sights from Campbell County.

In a follow-up story on earlier coverage of Gov. Gordon’s “all-of-the-above” energy policy from last year, host Bill Whitaker’s segment from June 9 featured the Dry Fork Station power plant just north of Gillette.

Footage from the plant focused on the University of Wyoming’s Integrated Test Center, where multiple on-site experiments on carbon capture technology are taking place. Companies like Kawasaki have labs within the plant itself, looking into cost-effective methods for carbon capture using flume gas that would have otherwise been released into the atmosphere.

Also featured in the story was Bill Miller, president of the Power Company of Wyoming, and his efforts to create a large wind farm near Chokecherry Knob in Carbon County.

Click here to watch the full segment.