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‘Conservative’ $153M city budget advances to third, final reading

The main entrance of City Hall

The main entrance of City Hall

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The proposed $153 million city budget advanced to its third and final reading Tuesday following a decision during a special meeting of the Gillette City Council. 

The decision came during a June 11 special meeting at City Hall where councilmembers voted to advance the proposed budget. It must now pass the council’s third and final reading before it can go into effect. 

City Administrator Mike Cole says the proposed budget is conservative and around 5% less than the $161 million budget approved this past budget cycle. It contains projects and initiatives to maintain or slightly improve current city assets and the level of service for Gillette residents. 

The budget provides more resources to maintain existing facilities, respond to changing customer service and employee training needs and support public safety professionals. Additionally, it provides funding for residential development projects and economic diversification efforts while supporting social service agencies and other community partners.

“The City of Gillette is financially stable,” Cole said. “The organization, however, continues to face an uncertain future, and we continue to face additional demands for service in the midst of an unpredictable revenue picture.”

Per the budget, $60.8 million will be allocated through the city’s enterprise funds and will pay for employee salaries and benefits, equipment repair and maintenance, commodity and material costs, general operating expenses and capital projects, among other related purchases. 

Around $46.8 million will come through the General Fund, funding city divisions and allocating funding for outside agencies like the Campbell County Public Land Board and Energy Capital Economic Development. 

The city intends to spend $30 million in optional 1% sales tax funds and an additional $281,000 through the Madison Waterline Fund. The money is earmarked for administrative programs, bridge projects, drainage projects, parks and beautification projects, social service agency requests, water and sewer projects and an allocation to the Campbell County Fire Department. Additionally, around $750,000 will be transferred to the enterprise funds and $1.5 million will be set aside in the event of project funding shortfalls. 

Per the budget, $14.7 million will be spent through the city’s internal service funds to cover costs associated with vehicle maintenance, health benefits, property and liability insurance, local improvement districts, the city’s warehouse and City West. 


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