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Obituary: Edward Lawrence Bruns

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Edward Lawrence Bruns

Edward Lawrence Bruns: November 25, 1980 – June 6, 2024

On November 25, 1980, the most beautiful soul, Edward Lawrence Bruns, was born into this world to his momma, the late Rose Ward (Bruns).

When Ed was two, he and his momma took off on a great adventure to Kentucky, where they lived for the next 14 years. While they were there, three very special siblings were welcomed into Ed’s life: Stephanie (Bryan) Roberts, John Turner, and Michael Ward.

On April 1, 1996, during a blizzard, they returned to Gillette, making Ed’s already unwanted move even more unwelcoming. Although he did not love the move back to Gillette, a short time later he would understand the reason for his return when he was blessed on December 29, 1999, with a perfect baby boy, Zachary Tyler Bruns, who was his daddy’s entire world for a short two months. After the passing of his sweet baby boy, Ed yearned to hold his baby boy again. This came to be on June 06, 2024, when Ed was welcomed into the peaceful gates of heaven by his baby boy and his momma, where he is now holding Zachary in his arms again.

In early 2002, Ed didn’t know that his forever story was about to begin, when he met his “stalker,” or his soon to be wife, Tamra who had laid eyes on him and knew he was the man she would marry. She finally stalked him enough to realize that not only was he enough to be loved, but to love. In one of their first conversations, Ed would tell Tamra he “would never marry or have kids again.” Tamra proved him wrong on July 26, 2003, when their fairytale truly began, and they were married. Even through all their tough and trying times, their love for one another and their life together was something to be desired.

On June 08, 2006, Ed’s heart would be forever restored by the birth of their beautiful baby girl, Kaydence Ardella Louise. Ed didn’t know then that he would also get to become the hero to his three other babies that they didn’t think they would ever get love, Camren Lawrence (February 22, 2014), Presleigh May (May 1, 2015), and the final missing piece of their beautiful family story, Waylon Zachary, born February 26, 2020.

Ed was a true family man, wanting to give his wife and children the entire world. Everything he did was for his family, always making sure he was one step ahead to make sure things were done to make their busy lives easier, especially if he knew he was going to be away for work. He was always trying to make Tamra’s life easier, often staying up all night and doing housework so she would wake up to a clean house.

The love Ed showed to everyone around him was truly amazing and such an inspiration to anyone who was in his life. Though Ed hated being away from his family for work, he always put in more than expected. Being away, often working countless hours on the rigs, Ed never stopped being the pillar of the man that he was. He would become the “Rig Daddy” to many and helped so many people strive to better men, better husbands, and better dads.

Ed enjoyed many things in life and was always willing to try anything once. He was very proud of his time with MMA fighting for La Familia, who will always be a part of his extended family.

Eds biggest joy was camping in the Bighorns with his family, where they spent all their extra time four-wheeling, playing, and piled together around a campfire in chairs much too small for six — singing, talking, and dancing until they all fell asleep together.

Ed had a very special knack for saying all the wrong things at all the wrong times. But he always showed such patience and grace to his kids, wife, and all the other special kids he was “dad” to when they didn’t have a “dad” to show them all the things he wanted them to learn and do. He loved to teach all of the special people in his life the things he thought were important and needed to be taught.  He never missed a chance to mess with them or crack a joke, just to try to make everyone smile. He held a very special place in so many peoples’ lives by always putting everyone else before himself. Whether it be a kid he saw who needed a pair of shoes, or a family needing a Christmas or a birthday, Ed always made it happen to fill all their wants and needs.

Ed loved and was so loved by so many. A few of the “extra special” people in his life were his mother-in-law, Momma Penny Sander; his aunt, Melissa Bell; brother-in-law, John Michael Alleman, who Ed was determined to make see his worth and realize how loveable and loved he also is; his “boyfriend,” AKA “Baby Daddy,” Daniel Barraza (if you know, you know); and friends, Joe Wollman, and BJ Brown.

This world will never be the same without this amazing man, however, he has left his babies and loved ones with a hero who will forever be….THE MAN, THE MYTH……THE LEGEND!

(A Special Message from his loving wife Tamra Bruns)

“Ed, My Love, you are and will always be our everything! I promise to do the best for our babies! You! …actually made me a better person!  I love you Infinity. ‘Hey, I win…Just proved it!!’

A Celebration of Life will take place at Prairie Sky Venue, 1120 HWY-50, 82718 at 11:00 a.m. on Friday, June 14, 2024.  We will be meeting at Kiwanis Park 303 w. Flying Circle Drive for a Memorial Ride. The Memorial Ride will begin at 10 a.m. Friday. Motorcycles are welcome and helmets would be greatly appreciated!!


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