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C17 Crime Clips for Friday, June 7

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Here is a summary of notable crimes in and around Gillette yesterday, June 6, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Gillette Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.

Aggravated Assault, Fireside Bar and Lounge, June 6, GPD

Officers responded to the Fireside Bar and Lounge to reports of an incident involving up to seven people. A 28-year-old man was contacted at the scene and had been confronted by staff after assaulting multiple patrons, according to Deputy Chief of Police Brent Wasson. He was taken into custody after refusing to identify himself to officers.

Officers were able to ascertain that the man had attacked another 28-year-old man and struck him repeatedly in the face for intervening in a domestic altercation between two other patrons. Yet another patron, a 35-year-old man, pulled the suspect off of the 28-year-old victim. While that man was assessing injuries to the victim, the suspect struck him unconscious with a blow to the head before kicking him in the head while he was down.

The 35-year old was transported to the emergency room by friends, and the 28-year-old, who had sustained facial swelling in the incident, refused medical assistance. The suspect was charged with multiple counts of aggravated assault and battery, alongside additional charges.

Intoxication, Ledoux Avenue, June 6, GPD

GPD officers responded to the 2600 block of Ledoux Avenue at approximately 6:46 p.m. June 6 for a report of an altercation between two women, one 36 years old and the other 22 years old. Multiple witnesses reported that the 36-year-old had been screaming profanities and throwing objects at the other woman. Officers also noted she was visibly intoxicated, with minor injuries consistent with having fallen down while intoxicated. Officers arrested the woman for intoxication.

Through C17 Crime Clips, County 17 strives to provide our readers with the most detailed and comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County; however, some information will be withheld to protect the victims’ identities and to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.