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C17 Crime Clips for Wednesday, May 22

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Here is a summary of notable crimes that occurred in and around Gillette yesterday, March 21, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Gillette Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.  

Hit-and-run, May 21, South Douglas Highway, GPD

A 74-year-old woman was cited for improper lookout after she reportedly backed into a 2020 Jeep after hitting a stop sign at a South Douglas Highway store around 10:45 a.m., Gillette Deputy Police Chief Brent Wasson said. The owner of the Jeep, a 69-year-old woman, was notified by store staff that her vehicle was struck in the parking lot. When officers located the 74-year-old woman, she said she didn’t know she struck the jeep with her 2006 Ford.

Theft from auto, May 21, Wrangler Road, GPD

Officers responded to Wrangler Road after a 29-year-old woman reported her purse was recently stolen from her unsecured Subaru, Wasson said. The purse was taken on May 19 and contained her identification, banking cards and $400 cash. The investigation is ongoing.

Fraud, May 21, Country Club Road, GPD

A 78-year-old woman called the police at 3:38 p.m. to report her grandson used her credit card without her permission, Wasson said. The suspect, a 21-year-old man, reportedly took the woman’s debit card while she was sleeping. Over five transactions, he reportedly spent around $260, though most of the charges were stopped in time before being finalized. The 78-year-old woman is out $18, and the 21-year-old man was cited for unlawfully using a credit card.

Eluding, May 21, Highway 14-16, CCSO

A motorcyclist evaded capture on North Highway 14-16 following an attempted nighttime traffic stop, Sheriff Scott Matheny said. A deputy attempted to stop the motorcycle, a blue sports bike, after observing it traveling at a high rate of speed. The motorcycle failed to stop and was pursued with speeds reaching over 160 mph. The deputy ultimately terminated the pursuit.

Breach of peace, May 22, Highway 14-16, GPD

A 24-year-old man was charged with bringing drugs into jail after he was arrested for breach of peace at a bar on Highway 14-16 in the early morning, Wasson said. When officers arrived, a sheriff’s deputy was engaged with a man they were trying to separate due to a recent incident. Matheny said the man was escorted out of the bar by several patrons after he reportedly bit a woman. After the man was placed in handcuffs, he reportedly made threats of violence and was transported to the Campbell County Detention Center, where jail staff seized .5 grams of suspected cocaine from him, per Wasson.

Through C17 Crime Clips, County 17 strives to provide our readers with the most detailed and comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County; however, some information will be withheld to protect the victims’ identities and to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.