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Wyoming’s vast horizon showcased historic northern lights

Boars Tusk, Northern Red Desert (Tom Christiansen)

By Madelyn Beck

Electrified gas spewed from the sun formed an intense geomagnetic storm last week, delighting skygazers in Wyoming and across the globe with a historic viewing of brilliant auroras.

While beautiful, the solar storm caused disruptions or irregularities in certain radio signals, power grids, high-speed communication and even tractors’ navigational systems. Still, it didn’t wreak as much havoc as a much larger storm in 2003, which caused power outages and airline communication disruptions. Nor did it do as much damage as the largest recorded storm in 1859 that caused mass outages of telegraph communications. 

While there’s much more to explore about the sun’s cycles and the effects of solar flares, WyoFile wanted to focus on the undulating greens, pinks and purples of the northern lights seen across Wyoming. We asked our readers to share their aurora photos, and many responded. Check out contributed photos from all around the state below.

Photo Credit: Jake Gilliland
Photo Credit: Diana Behnke

This article was originally published by WyoFile and is republished here with permission. WyoFile is an independent nonprofit news organization focused on Wyoming people, places and policy.


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