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School board approves new ESP staff salary schedule, adds paid vacation days

The Campbell County School Board in discussion at a meeting on Tuesday, May 14, 2024. (Julianna Landis/ County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — New salary recommendations for Educational Support Professional, or ESP, staff in the Campbell County school district were approved by the school board on Tuesday. The approval was a long time process, the product of several meetings with Staff Communicators’ Assembly representatives Jacque Holden, Romelle Hoon, Crista Shelby and Julie Rankin.

A wage study determining possible changes to the salary schedule — the rate at which staff get increases to their pay based on their education level and years of work — was conducted. Recommendations from that study as to how to best meet the requests of staff are what the school board voted on and approved.

Among the requests for ESP and certified staff was a raise of 3% for staff who were eligible to take a “step” on the salary schedule chart, which would equate to $1,100 a year for certified staff. Those salary adjustments would cost an estimated $150,000.

That movement was in addition to a $1,500 bump in the base pay for certified staff, roughly a 2.94% increase for all staff paid on the hourly salary schedule, according to draft documents submitted to the board. Adding that pay base for all qualified staff would take approximately $3 million.

Roughly $2.2 million of those costs will be reimbursed by the state, according to the documents.

An online version of those documents was not included in the agenda for the school board meeting, but will be added to this story when and if it becomes available.

In addition to accepting the pay adjustments, the board moved to add an additional day of paid time off for ESP and certified staff who work both nine- or 10-month contracts and 12-month contracts.

Those not on full-year contracts do not get as many holidays as full staff due to many falling in the summer when they are not under contract, and Superintendent Ayers made a recommendation that those employees get an additional holiday over the new year.

His suggestion was discussed among board members until being finalized via adding an additional holiday for both all-contract lengths of ESP and certified staff, resulting in three paid holidays at Christmas, the New Year and spring break. Chairwoman Ochs said the days were crucial to help staff through the holidays in such tight economic times.

“I think that will help our folks through those days because we all know how everything is just so expensive now, and we need to do something to alleviate their concerns,” she said.


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