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Campbell County Health announces new Walk-In Clinic nurse practitioner

Jacklyn Baker (Campbell County Health)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — After a career a decade in the making, longtime Campbell County Health employee Jacklyn Baker has transitioned into a new role as a Walk-in Clinic nurse practitioner, the healthcare organization announced Friday. 

“Baker began her journey with [CCH] straight out of high school in 2013,” the healthcare organization said in a May 10 press release. “Beginning her career in the CCH daycare, Baker’s trajectory has been nothing short of remarkable.”

From the daycare, Baker moved through various vital roles, including patient access in outpatient clinics and the Emergency Department as well as clinical roles in various CCH departments, per CCH. 

“Emergency medicine and urgent care have always been my passion,” Baker said in the release. Per CCH, it is her enthusiasm for providing high-quality care in urgent and emergent situations that has served as the driving force throughout her career. 

In her new role, Baker is reportedly eager to continue delivering exceptional care to patients while leveraging CCH’s resources, per the release. 

“Having the abundant resources that CCH offers, I’ve got access to anything [patients] would need,” Baker said in the release. “The emergency is across the hall. Radiology is down the hall. Everything is right there, and it’s great for the patients.”

Per the release, Baker’s background in emergency medicine and urgent care makes her uniquely positioned to be a bridge between the two levels of care. She aims to provide comprehensive support to patients, ensuring they receive the appropriate care in a timely manner.  

“[CCH] is honored to share and celebrate Jacklyn Baker’s transition to the Walk-in Clinic team as a nurse practitioner,” the release states, adding that her expertise, passion and commitment to patient care enhance the healthcare organization’s mission.  

When not in her professional role, Baker enjoys spending time outdoors during the summer, traveling and spending time with her family, per CCH.


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