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BLM horses in upcoming McCullough Peaks sale now online

Running Wild Mustangs of McCullough Peak, Wyoming (Shutterstock)

McCULLOUGH PEAKS, Wyo. — The BLM announced in a Facebook post Wednesday that mares that will be available for adoption in May are now viewable online.

Following a Rock Springs adoption event taking place this weekend, the BLM will be hosting a virtual adoption event for horses from the McCullough Peaks herd management area from May 6 to May 13. The Online Corral event will only offer mares in this sale, with stallions from the area to become available at a later date, per the BLM.

Currently, there are 14 mares of varying ages on the BLM website from the McCullough Peaks herd management area available. Each mare listed has up-to-date photos that have been taken within the last week. Starting prices for the animals have not been listed.

To adopt a horse in this event, prior registration to bid is required. To learn more about registration and adoption requirements, check out the BLM’s website.


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