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Commissioners, fire department announce 2024 fireworks regulations

PGI Fireworks Display Cam-Plex 2019

H/t: Tonya Nuzum

GILLETTE, Wyo. — After approving the decision in a meeting of the Campbell County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday, regulations on the sale and use of fireworks on and around the Fourth of July holiday have been announced.

This year, a two-week sale window for purchasing fireworks will start on Friday, June 21. Sale and use of fireworks will be permitted until Saturday, July 6, but may be subject to change depending on weather and fire conditions.

Bottle rockets, which pose a high risk for starting grass fires, will be banned for purchase or use within all of Campbell County. While they are available in other counties, Six Flags Fireworks owner Randy Sinclair said even without bottle rockets, customers are happy with what they are able to purchase and he cautions people against seeking out bottle rockets elsewhere.

“I say if you bring them into our county, it’s a $750 fine if the fire department catches you, so they know how adamant we are about working with the fire department and the county commissioners,” Sinclair said on Tuesday.

As far as other fireworks go, there are rules related to use as well:

  • No sale or use is permitted within city limits
  • No fireworks shall be ignited within 100 feet of a residence
  • Any fireworks that are ignited shall be ignited in a way that does not cause a fire
  • No fireworks shall be ignited on Public Land Board grounds during the week of July 2, excluding the fireworks display put on by the Campbell County Parks and Rec Department
  • All fireworks vendors are required to register with the Campbell County Fire Department.