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City utility rates to increase May 1; another increase to follow in 2025

The main entrance of City Hall

The main entrance of City Hall

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Gillette residents can expect to pay more on their utility bills next month as the city advances to the second year of a three-year plan intended to counteract rising expenses.  

Though the actual impact on individual city customers will vary depending on their utility levels, monthly utility bills will increase by 5.9%, or roughly $12.99, as the city follows a plan adopted by the Gillette City Council in 2023. The plan calls for another utility rate increase of 4%, or $9.27, per month in May 2025.

The rate increases are intended to cover the costs of maintaining infrastructure and level of service in the face of rising labor, equipment and materials costs, per the city, which says the monthly charge for optional curbside recycling will also increase from $7 to $11 due to an increase in contractor rates. 

“The city conducted extensive research and analysis to determine the appropriate future utility rates needed to support ongoing infrastructure improvements and ensure reliable services for our customers,” an April 5 press release states. 

Research began in late 2022 with the city retaining FCS Group Inc. to perform a utility revenue requirements study, which presented their findings and recommendations to the council in early 2023, per the release. 

The council ultimately decided that a series of rate increases over the next three years combined with a $4.8 million transfer from the city’s General Fund was the correct solution, adopted and going into effect on May 1, 2023.