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Wyoming Honor Farm passes surprise shakedown inspection

"All areas of the [Honor Farm] were searched and nothing of significance was discovered," the state corrections department said.

Courtesy of the Wyoming Department of Corrections

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Department of Corrections announced that “nothing of significance was discovered” during a facility-wide shakedown of the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton earlier this week.

“A shakedown is when correctional staff conduct a thorough search of an inmate’s person or cell,” the state corrections department’s release said Thursday. “Searches are conducted for security and accountability reasons.”

The shakedowns are random and frequent, the department said. The primary goal is to locate any contraband, including illicit substances or weapons, and to uncover potential security threats.

“The WDOC takes pride in its staff and they should be commended for doing a fantastic job in keeping contraband out of the [Honor Farm],” the release said.