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City to begin flushing hydrants

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The city of Gillette is poised to begin an annual flushing effort in the coming weeks to ensure fire hydrants throughout the community are in working order. 

Flushing water mains improves water quality and flow rates while also serving as preventative maintenance for the water distribution system, according to the City of Gillette, which says releasing water at high rates from hydrants scours and scrubs water mains, thereby removing corrosive materials and films. 

While flushing the hydrants, crews will also be testing flow rates to ensure they are ready in the event of a fire, per the city. The testing results will be used to mark hydrants to aid firefighters in assessing flow capabilities. 

Additionally, the testing results are used by the Insurance Service Office to rate the city’s fire suppression abilities, with lower commercial and residential insurance premiums accompanying better ratings.