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Bipartisan Cannabis Decriminalization Bill Introduced in Wyoming House of Representatives

The rotunda of the Wyoming State Capitol during the 67th Legislature. (Megan Lee Johnson/WyoFile)

CHEYENNE, Wyo.— House Minority Whip Karlee Provenza of Albany County is the sponsor of a bill seeking to decriminalize the possession of marijuana and related paraphernalia in the state. Co-sponsored by House Majority Whip Jared Olsen, Senator Cale Case and Senate Minority leader Chris Rothfuss, the bill was received for introduction into the House on Wednesday, Feb. 14.

House Minority Whip Karlee Provenza (D) – Albany County

House Bill 0204 has a multifaceted plan of decriminalization. First, existing criminal penalties related to possession of certain amounts of marijuana would be replaced with civil penalties. A civil penalty is a non-criminal punishment — typically a fine.

The bill would also eliminate possession of marijuana and related paraphernalia from existing drug laws on the books. Medical professionals would also no longer be barred from prescribing marijuana.

If passed, the bill as it is currently written would be implemented by no later than July 1.

To read the bill in full, click here.