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Gambling addiction program approved for funding by Campbell County Board of Commissioners

Personal Frontiers, Inc., presented their program proposal to the Board on Feb. 6.

Slot machines lined up in a casino.

Slot machines lined up in a casino.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — A new program is in the works to offer assistance for those in Campbell County struggling with their relationship to gambling.

After putting out a request for programming proposals late last year, the CARE Board identified the programming plan submitted by Personal Frontiers Inc. as the best use of funds provided to Campbell county for addressing gambling issues within the community.

The Wyoming Department of Health allocates these funds for their use in programming for the prevention and treatment of problematic gambling from a percentage of online sports betting profits in the state.

The program will use the full amount available for Campbell County, which is just over $45,500, according to CARE Board Grants Management Specialist Kristen Young.

Kay Guire, the executive director of Personal Frontiers Inc., presented alongside Young to the Campbell County Board of Commissioners to seek approval for the funds’ use.

In her presentation to the commissioners, Guire emphasized the need for such programming at a local level.

“We haven’t had that funding for those resources in a little while, but in our business, I see that as a common go-to after substance abuse,” Guire said. “Plus, with our senior center and those audiences, there just isn’t much help. When I went online and looked at what was local, there are no [Gamblers Anonymous] chapters in Gillette, or even close. … For me, it’s an opportunity to offer something we do well.”

The Campbell County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously in approval of the project.

See the file below to read to proposal in full.