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C17 Crime Clips for Friday, Feb. 9

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Here is a summary of notable crimes that occurred in and around Gillette yesterday, Feb. 8, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Gillette Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.  

Drugs, Feb. 8, West Lakeway Road, GPD

Two 14-year-old girls and a 13-year-old boy were cited for possessing marijuana after one of them reported using a THC vaping device at Sage Valley Junior High School around 7:51 a.m., Gillette Deputy Police Chief Brent Wasson said. The teenagers reportedly admitted to using the vaping device on Feb. 7, and the device was seized. None of the teenagers were cited for use.

Animal cruelty, Feb. 8, Ledoux Avenue, GPD

An 18-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man were warned for animal cruelty around 8:34 a.m. after it was learned they waited two weeks before seeking medical treatment for their eight-month-old dog, which suffered a broken leg, Wasson said. The dog was injured while playing with a larger dog on Ledoux Avenue and its leg had to be amputated.

Assault, Feb. 8, Camel Drive, GPD

Officers cited a 14-year-old boy and a 16-year-old boy for battery after they allegedly ran into and pushed a 15-year-old boy to the ground at Campbell County High School around 11:26 a.m., Wasson said. The boys had agreed to race to the bus and planned to run into the 15-year-old boy. The 14-year-old ran into the boy while the 16-year-old pushed him to the ground. A third suspect believed to be a 14-year-old boy has not yet been contacted, and the investigation is ongoing.

Criminal entry, Feb. 8, North Gurley Avenue, GPD

A 30-year-old woman called the police to North Gurley Avenue, where she claimed a friend kicked in her door and demanded $200 around 4:15 p.m., Wasson said. The suspect reportedly departed in a black Jeep Renegade. The 30-year-old woman was intoxicated and declined to answer questions, leaving officers without any leads or suspects. The damage to the door was estimated to be around $100.

Drugs, Feb. 8, Green Avenue, CCSO

Deputies arrested a 47-year-old man for felony drug possession after he was stopped in a Ford van for speeding in the area of Green Avenue and 4th Street around 7:57 p.m., Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds said. During the stop, a drug dog indicated on the vehicle and a subsequent search yielded 2.5 grams of suspected methamphetamine on the man. Later, deputies executed a search warrant on the man’s residence and recovered more meth.

Battery, Feb. 8, Express Drive, GPD

Officers responded to Express Drive at the request of the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office after deputies came across a 23-year-old man who had been assaulted around 9:35 p.m., Wasson said. Deputies had been in the area attempting to arrest a 23-year-old man with an active warrant who was identified as one of the assault suspects. The other suspect was a 25-year-old man, and both suspects drove away. The 23-year-old man who was attacked suffered injuries to his face, and the investigation is ongoing.

Shoplifting, Feb. 8, Highway 14-16, GPD

Staff at Eastside Liquors called police to their store after an 18-year-old woman and an 18-year-old man stole a bottle of liquor around 10:28 p.m., Wasson said. A 26-year-old woman reported the man came into the store and left with a party pouch of Twisted Tea that he didn’t pay for. He was pursued by a 35-year-old man, who got the license plate number. Officers were able to identify the suspects but couldn’t find the vehicle. They unsuccessfully attempted to contact the suspects by phone. The investigation is ongoing.

Through C17 Clips, County 17 strives to provide our readers with the most detailed and comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County; however, some information will be withheld to protect the victims’ identities and to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.