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CCH security officer departs for US Air Force journey

Former Campbell County Health security officer William Nokes was sworn into the U.S. Air Force on Jan. 29. (Campbell County Health)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — A security officer at Campbell County Health has departed to join the ranks of the U.S. Air Force, the healthcare organization announced Wednesday. 

William Nokes, a four-year security veteran at CCH, had his last day with the healthcare organization on Jan. 29 in preparation for serving among the enlisted ranks of the U.S. Air Force. He intends to depart in March for Lackland Air Force Base, where he will attend Basic Training. 

Throughout his security career, Nokes profoundly contributed to the organization’s mission, values and safety, CCH said in a Jan. 31 release. 

“He’s humble and underplays the impact he’s had on our organization,” Security Manager Adam Boothe said in the release, adding that Nokes once organized a birthday party for a patient, showcasing his empathy and commitment to brightening people’s lives. 

“He cares, and he’s humble, despite the job being hard at times. He believes in CCH mission and this is his family here,” Boothe said, adding that he believes Nokes will be successful and hopes he continues to push himself and grow into a leader. 

Looking back on his career, Nokes said he thinks most of the camaraderie and teamwork at CCH, adding that it’s a good place to be and that everyone there is like family. 

He expressed his gratitude for the experiences gained during his tenure, emphasizing the passion and dedication of CCH employees, the release states. 

“[CCH] expresses gratitude for [Nokes’s] dedicated service and wishes him the best in his new endeavors with the United States Air Force,” the healthcare organization said in the release. “As he takes this significant step, CCH is proud of [Nokes’s] commitment to our community and to our nation.”