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Vampires and vigilance: CyberWyoming’s novel approach to digital safety


CHEYENNE, Wyo. — CyberWyoming has launched “Talk Like a Vampire Month” in a supernatural twist to cybersecurity education. This creative initiative aims to enhance awareness about digital threats through a vampire-themed approach.

Throughout this month-long campaign, employees at CyberWyoming are encouraged to channel vampire characteristics in their digital interactions. According to a press release by the organization, this method is designed to promote vigilance and skepticism, especially when dealing with email communication.

Laura Baker, the executive director of CyberWyoming, highlights the effectiveness of this approach. “Reading an email using a vampire accent activates your stranger danger and makes you more suspicious. So, we encourage small businesses in Wyoming to adopt Talk Like a Vampire Month,” she states.

Participation Guidelines for Businesses

Businesses can join this initiative by:

  1. Announcing the theme and encouraging employees to print out suspicious emails.
  2. Reading these emails with a vampiric accent during staff meetings.
  3. Awarding prizes for the best vampire impression, identifying suspicious emails and for those initially reluctant to embrace the challenge.

Mirroring a vampire’s detailed scrutiny, CyberWyoming advises a thorough examination of email sender identities, content and any links or attachments.

While the initiative is lighthearted, its underlying message is significant. It emphasizes the importance of skepticism in the digital age, transforming creative expression into a strategic mindset to identify and counter cyber threats.

Founded in 2017, CyberWyoming is a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the cybersecurity welfare of Wyoming’s business community. To participate in its free 12-month no-think security awareness training, including Talk Like a Vampire Month, contact info@cyberwyoming.org or visit its website.