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Campbell County health and food inspections (12/11/23–12/17/23)

Health Inspector Meeting With Chef In Restaurant Kitchen

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The Consumer Health Services Division of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture conducts inspections of retail food establishments throughout Wyoming (where there is not a local health department that does inspections) to help ensure safety of Wyoming residents.

Campbell County establishments are inspected at least once a year by the WDA. All of these reports are made public and can be found on the WDA’s website. It will only include the routine inspections and not the follow-up or other kinds of inspections.

According to the WDA, establishments are either in or out of compliance with a non-critical (non-food-related) or a critical violation (which can cause a foodborne illness).

The WDA explains that while it is looking for deficiencies, the organization’s “main goal is to educate the business.”

Its report is made to help the businesses understand unsafe practices and ways to correct them.

Any violation makes the business be out of compliance; however, violations can be on different levels, meaning not being in compliance does not necessarily indicate that a business is unsafe.

Inspections are a “snapshot” in time and the violations are often corrected before the inspector leaves the facility. Dependent on the severity of the violation, the business will have anywhere between 10 and 45 days to correct it.

Any serious violations or notable quotes will be included in summary notes below, but the full report for each restaurant can be found at the WDA’s website, where it publishes all of its current information.

Dec. 11, 2023

In Compliance: Out

Comments: “Manager stated that utensils used for cooked pizzas are cleaned and sanitized at end of night. In used utensils shall be cleaned and sanitized at least every four hours. Manager stated this will be corrected.”

In Compliance: In

Dec. 14, 2023

SONIC #6621
In Compliance: In

Comments: “Over all general cleanliness was better compared to prior inspections. But, there was still some general cleaning and sanitizing that needs to be done. This was discussed with manager and employee were working on issue as inspection was taking place.”


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