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Top environmental stewards awarded at Wyoming Weed and Pest Conference

Dr. Andrew Kniss accepts the Harold P. Alley Award during the 2023 annual conference of the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council (Wyoming Weed and Pest Control)

CASPER, Wyo. — The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, or WWPC, celebrated the achievements of four distinguished individuals at its 2023 annual conference. These awardees have significantly contributed to Wyoming’s ecological preservation efforts, focusing on weed and pest management.

Donley Darnell, president of WWPC, expressed pride in acknowledging these individuals’ efforts.

“We are honored to recognize four outstanding individuals who have gone above and beyond when it comes to weed and pest management,” Darnell states, “We are thrilled to acknowledge the outstanding achievements of these hardworking individuals and thank them for everything they do to keep Wyoming wild and beautiful.”

2023 Award Recipients:

  1. Doug Miyamoto, director of the Wyoming Department of Agriculture, was honored with the Guy Haggard Award for his unwavering dedication and support to the WWPC.
  2. Dr. Andrew Kniss, a University of Wyoming professor, was presented the Harold P. Alley Award in recognition of his efforts in advancing pest control programs in Wyoming.
  3. Brian Connely, serving as the Natrona County weed and pest supervisor, received the Everett Johnson Award for his outstanding district-level management practices.
  4. Larry Smith, a Campbell County board member and former WWPC president, was the recipient of the Archie Lauer Award and was celebrated for his significant contributions to the board’s success.

About the Awards

The WWPC awards honor individuals who demonstrate exceptional dedication to managing noxious weeds and pests. They are named after notable figures who have made significant impacts in this field.

  • Everett Johnson Award: Recognizes a district employee exemplifying outstanding management practices.
  • Harold P. Alley Award: Honors individuals providing leadership and education in pest control.
  • Guy Haggard Award: Awarded for motivation, loyalty and support to the WWPC.
  • Archie Lauer Award: Recognizes a board member’s significant contributions.

About the Wyoming Weed and Pest Council

The Wyoming Weed and Pest Council, comprising 23 districts, collaborates with the Wyoming Department of Agriculture and the University of Wyoming. It focuses on integrated management of noxious weeds and pests, vital for protecting the state’s economic and ecological resources.

For more information, visit wyoweed.org and follow WWPC on Facebook and Twitter.


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