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1 killed, 2 injured in Carbon County crash


ROCK RIVER, Wyo. — One person died and two more were injured in a two-vehicle wreck on Nov. 30 in Carbon County.

According to the Wyoming Highway Patrol report, a Jeep was westbound on US Highway 30 while an Infiniti was eastbound. Near mile marker 274, the Jeep swerved across the center line and the eastbound lane, exiting the roadway. The driver of the Jeep overcorrected to the right in an attempt to return to the road and lost traction in the process.

The overcorrection caused the Jeep to rotate counterclockwise. While spinning, the Jeep entered the Infiniti’s eastbound lane, forcing the driver of the Infiniti to attempt evasive action by swerving to the right.

It wasn’t enough to avoid a collision, though, and the Jeep’s front end struck the Infiniti’s driver’s-side fender and door.

Killed in the crash was 25-year-old Wyoming resident Richard King.