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Campbell land board to hear from master plan group in special meeting Nov. 2

The Campbell County Public Land Board will continue discussion of the master plan in a special meeting next week.

At its Oct. 12 meeting, Campbell County Public Land Board approved moving ahead exploring funding for the master plan (Mary Stroka/County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The Campbell County Public Land Board will continue discussion of the master plan in a special meeting at 6 p.m. Nov. 2.

The meeting will take place in the CAM-PLEX Administration Board Room, 1635 Reata Drive, Gillette, according to the agenda, which staff released today. No action will take place at the meeting, which will feature the board’s master plan working group’s discussion.

Board members Jerry Means and Laura Chapin, along with board chair Charles Land, volunteered for a subcommittee to discuss how to fund the master plan, how to form a ballot referendum and when such a referendum should be on a ballot, if local governments approve one.

What is the CAM-PLEX master plan?

DOWL, Populous and CSL representatives made their final presentation of the CAM-PLEX master plan Oct. 10, where CSL International Director Joel Feldman said they examined factors like event space occupancy, competitors in the event space industry and what current users want in developing the plan. They analyzed whether the facility can provide those needs and whether it is practical for the community to do so. Continued investment into the CAM-PLEX is necessary to continue to keep its place in Campbell County, Wyoming and the region. Leaving status quo, or maintaining existing operations and not further investing in infrastructure, would lead to less event activity and fewer event attendees; eventgoers want to go to facilities that are bettering themselves.

In addition to maintaining the quality of the current facilities, they proposed changes such as creating or improving programming space for signature events like the National High School Finals Rodeo. For example, the Spirit Hall ice complex could be moved to free up space in the Wyoming Center. There is significant market demand for equestrian and livestock events, if there is more space. Project leaders should investigate private-sector partnerships to enhance the economics and sustainability of the facility.

Populous Principal and Director of Equestrian Services Todd Gralla said there would be three phases of construction. Phase 1 would involve a lot of work for infrastructure and relocation and rebuilding assets. With 2025 bidding, Phase 1 would cost about $90 million. Phase 2’s focus would be the arenas, livestock barns, warmup spaces, parking and redevelopment of paid full-use RV and car parking. Bidding would occur in 2026 at the earliest, with at least three years of construction. The expected cost would be about $150 million. Phase 3 would include items like the final pavement, some barn replacement and greenway improvements. Bidding would be around 2029 and the project would be completed in 2031, with about $26 million in costs.

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