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Obituary: Marjorie Caroline Wicks

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Marjorie Caroline Wicks

Marjorie Caroline Wicks: 1959 – 2023

Funeral service for Marjorie C. Wicks will be at 10 a.m. Friday, October 6, 2023 at Trinity Lutheran Church with Pastor Zachery Viggars officiating.  Burial will follow at Mt. Pisgah Cemetery. 

Marjorie Caroline Wicks, a beloved wife, mother, and friend, passed away on October 2, 2023, surrounded by her loved ones at her home in Gillette, Wyoming. She was born on December 14, 1959, in Watertown, South Dakota to her parents and siblings.

Marjorie’s life was one filled with love, compassion, and joy. Having attended schools in Clark, South Dakota, Marjorie cherished her years of education and formed lifelong friendships along the way. It was during this time that she met Theodore Wicks in Clark as well. Little did she know that their meeting would shape the course of their lives forever.

Marjorie’s love story with Ted began to unfold in Gillette, Wyoming when they moved there with their family in 1976. On January 4, 1977, Marjorie and Ted exchanged vows of eternal love and commitment at Trinity Lutheran Church. Their marriage was a testament to the power of unwavering support and dedication. As a stay-at-home mother, Marjorie found immense joy in raising her two children, Joe and Elizabeth. She nurtured them with endless love and care, tirelessly devoting herself to their well-being.

Marjorie’s deep affection for her family extended beyond her immediate household. She was an adoring grandmother to six grandchildren who brought much delight into her life. Beyond her role as a devoted wife and mother, Marjorie had a profound appreciation for animals—especially dogs—who brought immense happiness into her home. Her warm heart embraced every wagging tail and wet nose that crossed her path.

Marjorie had an artistic soul that found expression through various creative endeavors. Whether it was painting vibrant landscapes on canvas or meticulously solving intricate puzzles that challenged her mind or skillfully crafting ceramics with delicate hands—the arts held a special place in her life.  

A woman of deep faith, Marjorie found solace and strength in her membership at Trinity Lutheran Church. Her unwavering belief in God guided her through life’s ups and downs, offering her hope and giving her the resilience to overcome any challenge that came her way.

Marjorie will always be remembered for her kind spirit, gentle demeanor, and infectious laughter. Her love for her family knew no bounds, as she selflessly placed their needs above her own. Marjorie’s innate ability to make everyone around her feel valued and loved will forever be etched in the hearts of those who had the privilege of knowing her. In this time of profound loss, Marjorie leaves behind a legacy that will endure through those whose lives she touched.

She is survived by her loving husband Ted Wicks; son Joe Wicks; daughter Elizabeth Wicks; sister Jeanne Paulson; brother John Paulson; brother Darrell Paulson; and six grandchildren.

Marjorie Caroline Wicks enriched our lives with her unwavering love, kindness, and compassion. May we honor her memory by embracing these qualities ourselves and carrying forward the legacy of a remarkable woman who brightened our world with every breath she took. Memorials can be made to benefit one of the following charities; the Campbell County Animal Shelter or the local soup kitchen or Trinity Lutheran Church.