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A new era in respiratory care for Campbell County: Jenny Miller leads opening of Asthma Clinic at Hoskinson Health and Wellness

Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic

Hoskinson Health and Wellness is growing its comprehensive services with the opening of its Asthma clinic. Jenny MIller, respiratory therapist and driving force behind this highly anticipated clinic, has an extensive educational background, a heartfelt dedication to her work and a motivation to make a lasting impact on the respiratory health of our community.

Miller’s drive to excel in her profession stems from personal experience. She had her own struggle with an asthma attack at a young age — an experience that greatly impacted her and resulted in her strong passion for treating individuals with lung diseases. Her desire to make a difference led her to pursue a college education with a focus on clinical experience, preparing her for a successful career in respiratory therapy.

Miller graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Therapy from the University of Mary, Bismarck, North Dakota, in 2004. After her graduation, Miller received a Wyoming respiratory license and has since been actively engaged in improving patients’ lives for nearly two decades. Her commitment to continuous improvement led her to become an Asthma Educator in February 2020, demonstrating her dedication to staying at the forefront of respiratory care practices. Miller’s career path has also been marked by impactful roles in healthcare institutions. She started at Sheridan Memorial Hospital in May 2004, and her expertise led her to her current role at Campbell County Health in April 2015, where she continues to make a difference.

A Dream Fulfilled at Hoskinson Health and Wellness
Joining Hoskinson Health and Wellness was a dream come true for Miller. Dr. Mark and Dr. William Hoskinson’s vision aligned perfectly with her aspirations to open an asthma clinic that offers specialized care to individuals like herself.

“Caring for individuals with respiratory conditions is not just my profession; it’s a personal passion,” she said. “Opening the Asthma Clinic at HHWC is a dream come true for me. Dr. Mark and Dr. William Hoskinson have been an amazing support, helping me turn this dream into a reality. Their dedication to improving the health and well-being of our community is inspiring, and I am truly excited about the opportunity to provide specialized care to those who need it most.”

Jenny’s personal experiences have provided her with unique insights into the challenges faced
by individuals with respiratory conditions. Having recently navigated her son’s asthma diagnosis, Jenny recognizes the need for a dedicated Asthma Clinic that offers tailored support to patients.
She firmly believes that such a space can alleviate the anxiety and stress often associated with
respiratory disorders for patients of all ages and will partner with The Hoskinson Health and
Wellness Clinic’s pediatric department to provide care for children dealing with respiratory
disorders as well.

“We are truly proud to have Jenny Miller as the leader of our Asthma Clinic. Her expertise and commitment to respiratory care align perfectly with our mission to provide personalized, compassionate support to individuals facing respiratory challenges. We are confident that the Asthma Clinic will become a place of healing for our patients, offering the care and support that they deserve,” explained Dr. William Hoskinson.

To book an appointment, please call 307-387-9850 or book online through the Hoskinson Health website.

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Hoskinson Health and Wellness Clinic is a leading healthcare facility dedicated to providing comprehensive, patient-centered care to individuals and families in the Gillette community. With a team of experienced professionals, HHWC offers a wide range of medical and wellness services to promote overall health and well-being. The clinic’s holistic approach emphasizes the interconnectedness of physical, mental and emotional health, ensuring that patients receive the highest quality care. To learn more, visit www.hoskinsonhealth.com.

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