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Your child could be getting legally high in Wyoming

In this video, we’re going to discuss the legality of Delta-8, a legal high that is being sold in Wyoming.

If you’re wondering if Delta-8 is legal or not, then be sure to watch this video! We’ll discuss Delta-8 in detail and give you a breakdown of what you need to know about buying or using Delta-8 in Wyoming.

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Hi, everyone. Did you know your child could be getting legally high in Wyoming?
This is Christina Williams with Just Criminal Law.
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And this is David Mann, legal storytelling specialist.
Well, that’s pretty alarming as a parent myself. Your kid could be getting high legally.
So tell me, what are they getting high on exactly?
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Well, there is a product out there that contains Delta8.
And Delta8 has the psychoactive component similar to marijuana.
Which allows somebody to get high. And Delta8, because it’s
derived from legal CBD, it’s available readily available in stores in Wyoming.
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And even though it’s not as potent as THC, it can be anywhere from 50% to 75% as potent.
It still causes the same intoxicating effect of a controlled substance.
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Okay. So there is currently, just straight on this, there is currently CBD,
which is used as a painkiller, things like that. And perfectly legal,but doesn’t really get you high.
And then on the other end of the spectrum, there is pot, which of course gets you high but is illegal in Wyoming.
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But now you’re saying there’s a different thing in the middle, this Delta8.
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Right. So a chemist figured out how to chemically alter the CBD that’s found in hemp.
And that chemically altered Delta8 has the ability to get you high.
And in Wyoming, CBD products are legal.
So technically your child could be, you know, buying an edible product that’s
like a gummy or candy and and the result of consuming that gummy or that candy could be that they get high.
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And even say in Colorado, where marijuana is legal you still have to be 21 in order
to buy it and use it legally. So there seems to be this area of the law right now where, in Wyoming,
this product, Delta8, is out there and available. And there’s no age limit, no age restriction on it.
So your child can technically get his or her hands on it.
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Well, this doesn’t sound right at all. So is there anything in progress to sort of make this not as easy
for sort of a 12 year old to get?
Speaker 1
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Sure.There is legislation out there right now in Wyoming where it’s becoming a misdeameanor
for stores to sell this Delta8 product to a minor.
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And so, they are making it illegal to sell to minors.
But that’s not quite the law yet. It’s out there and it could very well be the law here soon.
Speaker 2
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Wow. Okay. That’s that’s good to know.
But I guess there’s no telling how long that’s going to take.
Speaker 1
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Right. You know, it’s a bill. So it’s not a law yet. It’s just out there. We don’t know
if it’s going to be the law of the land, but at least people recognizing what’s going on in
the Legislature and they want to try to make it difficult for your child to get these products.
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Okay. Well, I’ll tell you, on behalf of all the parents who might be watching this,
thanks for that insight. That’s really, really helpful.
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Absolutely. You’re welcome.

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