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Local agency creates account benefiting family of Sept. 11 rollover victim

(Mary Stroka/County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — An account benefiting the family of a boy who died following a crash on Adon Road has been set up through a local bank and is open to donations. 

Elthon Cabellero, 12, died on Sept. 11 after a vehicle he was riding in rolled on Adon Road around 11:11 p.m., Undersheriff Quentin Reynolds told reporters on Sept. 12. 

The account was set up through Security State Bank benefiting the mother of the two boys involved in the crash, according to resident Suzie Renken, who requested the agency she’s associated with not be identified due to client confidentiality concerns. 

According to an email to County 17 from Renken, the mother is a single caregiver with no insurance, no money for a funeral and no vehicle following the crash. The account is under “Adon Road Rollover,” again, due to confidentiality concerns. 

Renken said that the mother is a legal U.S. resident from the Philippines and that she is separated from her husband, who did not have her name on anything prior to the separation. They have nothing, only recently managed to get into an apartment and could use any help that people are willing to give. 

“I want her to see that not all Americans are bad,” Renken said. 

The Adon Road rollover was reported to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office around 11:11 p.m. on Sept. 11 through Apple Crash Detection, a program designed to detect and report severe vehicle accidents, Reynolds said Sept. 13. 

Caballero was a passenger in a 2008 Toyota when the driver — a 17-year-old boy — lost control while trying to get a moth out of the vehicle, per Reynolds, who said the 12-year-old was ejected from the vehicle when it rolled. 

The younger boy was unresponsive when emergency personnel arrived on the scene and they performed life-saving measures. Caballero was transported to Campbell County Health, where he was pronounced deceased, according to Reynolds. 

Campbell County Coroner Paul Wallem — who identified Caballero on Sept. 12 — said the official cause of death was severe head and chest trauma as a result of the crash.

The 17-year-old boy was not injured and displayed no signs of impairment, Reynolds said.