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C17 Crime Clips for Wednesday, Sept. 13

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Here is a summary of notable crimes that occurred in and around Gillette yesterday, obtained through law enforcement reports compiled by the Gillette Police Department and the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office.  

Crash, Sept. 12, Southern Drive, CCSO

Deputies responded to Southern Drive near Enzi Drive around 7:16 a.m. after a 31-year-old woman called to report hitting an antelope with her vehicle, Sheriff Scott Matheny said. The woman was traveling at 45 mph approximately 300 yards east of Enzi Drive when the antelope ran out in front of her. She couldn’t evade the animal and struck and killed it. The crash resulted in over $1,000 in damages. No citations were issued and the woman was not injured.

Fraud, Sept. 12, Carey Avenue, GPD

Officers were notified of fraudulent activity around 10:05 a.m. by a resident claiming a man was writing checks without sufficient funds to cover them, Gillette Police Cpl. Dan Stroup said. The man reportedly wrote $4,000 in bad checks to a local business. The investigation is ongoing.

Breach of peace, Sept. 12, West Lakeway Road, GPD

A 13-year-old girl was cited for verbally breaching the peace after she reportedly used profane language toward staff at Sage Valley Junior High School around 2:50 p.m., Stroup said. The girl continued to call staff profane names on her way out of the school.

Threats, Sept. 12, North Gurley Avenue, GPD

A 58-year-old woman called the police at 6:44 p.m. to report receiving threatening texts from an unknown number on North Gurley Avenue, Stroup said. The number was found to be a Google number and when officers called, the perpetrator threatened them as well. Officers advised the woman to block the number, and no further action was taken.

Suspicious activity, Sept. 12, Irving Boulevard, CCSO

A woman called the sheriff’s office at 8:50 p.m. to report a 32-year-old woman trespassed on her property on Irving Boulevard and dumped human ashes on her front porch, Matheny said. The woman had previously been trespassed from the property and the ashes belonged to her sister. The investigation is ongoing.

Through C17 Clips, County 17 strives to provide our readers with the most detailed and comprehensive list of law enforcement interactions with the citizens of Gillette and Campbell County; however, some information will be withheld to protect the victims’ identities and to avoid compromising ongoing criminal investigations.