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Wet end to coming weekend expected

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The National Weather Service in Rapid City, South Dakota, predicts a sunny start to the coming weekend, though it likely won’t end in kind.

Today will be mostly sunny throughout the morning and early afternoon, with a high near 73 degrees. However, a 20% chance of rain will roll in after 3 p.m., the NWS in Rapid City reports.

As the day progresses, the chance of rain is only likely to grow. By the evening, the chance of precipitation will have grown to 80%.

That weather should continue into Sunday, which is expected to see a 70% chance of showers throughout the day, followed by a 50% chance of storms into the night.

Sunday will be noticeably cooler than recent days, with temperatures only expected to reach a high of 61, followed by a low of roughly 45 at night.