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(PHOTOS) Civil Air Patrol recognizes leadership at event

From left: Maj. Toni Brown, Airman Xavier Williams, Cadet Staff Sgt. Josiah Sakultarawattn, Wyoming Wing Commander Col. Ken Johnston, Tech Sgt. Corbin Gilson, Cadet Staff Sgt. Quentin Sakultarawattn and Squadron Commander Capt. Steve Schofield (Beth Hyatt)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — In a ceremony Aug. 7, Gillette’s local Civil Air Patrol members recognized the value of hard work of both cadets and leaders.

Here are some of the photos from the event, which featured a change-of-command ceremony and the promotion of several cadets and the new squadron commander.

Toni Brown thanks Civil Air Patrol members at the event for their help during her time as squadron commander. (Beth Hyatt)

Maj. Toni Brown, who had been commander of the Powder River Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol WY069 since April 2019, relinquished command of the squadron to Capt. Steve Schofield. Xavier Williams, Corbin Gilson, Josiah Sakultarawattn and Quentin Sakultarawattn received recognition as well.

Change-of-command ceremony (Beth Hyatt)

Wyoming Wing Commander H. Ken Johnston, a patent law attorney, attended the event. Johnston joined Civil Air Patrol in May 1998 and was an instructor pilot, legal officer and inspector general in the Jeffco Senior Squadron in Colorado before he became the Wyoming Wing Inspector General in December 2007.

Squadron Commander Steve Schofield receives promotion to captain. (Beth Hyatt)

The Powder River Composite Squadron Civil Air Patrol meets Mondays from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Wyoming Air National Guard Armory, located at 811 E. Laramie St., Gillette. More information is available here.

Airman Xavier Williams receives recognition for his promotion. (Beth Hyatt)
Cadet Staff Sgt. Quentin Sakultarawattn earns promotion. (Beth Hyatt)
Cadet Staff Sgt. Josiah Sakultarawattn receives recognition. (Beth Hyatt)

Tech Sgt. Corbin Gilson receives recognition. (Beth Hyatt)
Prospective cadets get to meet Wyoming Wing Commander H. Ken Johnston. (Beth Hyatt)
Cadet Senior Master Sgt. Valorie Dejong reports to Cadet Commander Capt. Schofield. (Beth Hyatt)
Tech Sgt. Corbin Gilson helps Staff Sgt. Quentin Sakultarawattn remove his pins to give to parents for the promotion ceremony. (Beth Hyatt)
Cadet Airman Xavier Williams removes his own pins using the mirror. (Beth Hyatt)
Wyoming Wing Commander Col. Ken Johnston thanks Maj. Toni Brown for her service as squadron commander. Brown was squadron commander from 2019 to 2023. (Beth Hyatt)
From left: Airman Xavier Williams, Cadet Staff Sgt. Josiah Sakultarawattn, Squadron Commander Capt. Steve Schofield, Tech Sgt. Corbin Gilson and Cadet Staff Sgt. Quentin Sakultarawattn. (Beth Hyatt)
Sakultarawattn family (Beth Hyatt)
The Williams family (Beth Hyatt)
The Gilson family (Beth Hyatt)
City Councilman Billy Montgomery, left, and former New York Civil Air Patrol cadet Hector Marcayda (Beth Hyatt)
Senior Master Sgt. Valorie Dejong, left, speaks with Chaplain Maj. McKinley Wood (Beth Hyatt)
Hector Marcayda tells WY069 cadets regarding his experiences in the New York Civil Air Patrol. (Beth Hyatt)

Correction, Aug. 14: Maj. Toni Brown has informed County 17 of a correction to Hector Marcayda’s name. The article has been updated accordingly.


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