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Why ChatGPT can’t replace lawyers: The limits of AI

In this video, I’m going to argue against the idea that ChatGPT can replace lawyers. I’ll discuss why ChatGPT is wrong and why lawyers are still necessary in our society.

ChatGPT is a great tool, but it’s not a perfect replacement for lawyers. AI can’t replace the human brain and intuition, and ChatGPT is no exception. Lawyers are vital for society, and ChatGPT shouldn’t be seen as a replacement for them.

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and South Dakota and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

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Hey, everyone. Today we’re going to talk about whether or not A.I.
that is artificial intelligence, is going to replace lawyers in the future.
This is Christina Williams with Just Criminal Law.
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And this is David Mann, legal storytelling specialist.
Well, yeah, this is something I’ve actually wondered about quite a bit
because A.I.has gotten to be so on everybody’s mind recently, and it looks like it can do
everything a person can do and quite a bit more. And it seems like a natural replacement for lawyers.
But you and I were talking the other day and it sounds like it’s
actually not that way. So tell me about that.
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Well, I have to…I’m sure everybody’s heard of the attorneys in New York
that got in trouble for relying on ChatGPT to write their brief.
And it was kind of an interesting story because they were already in trouble
for missing a deadline. And so they quickly filed this brief written by ChatGPT
with the Federal Court.
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They only get themselves in more hot water because ChatGPT has actually just started making up
case law and talking about fake cases, which is is a danger with ChatGPT,
it will sometimes just make up stuff. And so the lawyers end up having to explain to the judge
why they were fighting bad law and they were sanctioned. They got in trouble.
Speaker 2
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Yeah. So if an actual licensed attorney is going to make a mistake like this,
I bet you a lot of ordinary people make the same mistake thinking
‘I’m just going to get legal advice by going into ChatGPT and asking it a question
and then I’ll know the answer to my question.
So you want to try that maybe and see like let’s put a question in
and see what answer it gives us.
Speaker 1
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Sure. Let’s…let’s do an experiment here and see where it goes.
Okay. So what question do you want me to type in, David? I’ve brought my ChatGPT
app up on my computer.
Speaker 2
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Okay, So we’ve talked quite a bit in these videos about, say, DUI stops and, you know, the use,
whether you have to take a breath test and all that kind of stuff.
So if I was, you know, kind of worried about this and thinking, ‘Oh, you know,
what happens if I get stopped for a DUI and I’m just an ordinary guy? Not a lawyer I might put in there.
‘Do I have to take a breath test if I get stopped for a DUI?
So put that question in. ‘Do I have to take a breath test if I get stopped for a DUI?’
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Okay, let’s see what ChatGPT tells us.
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Well, first of all, it tells you to consult your local law, but it says in many jurisdictions
there is implied consent laws that requires a driver to submit to a breath test
when lawfully arrested on suspicion of DUI. Refusing the test can have penalties
such as a license suspension and then consult an attorney.
Speaker 2
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So that seems to be different than what we’ve said in
some of these videos, which is that you’d actually don’t have to.
But you don’t have to submit to the breath test. I mean, if I’m just somebody
who doesn’t know that I’m doing videos with you, ‘I might go, Oh, okay, great.
That means I have to do the breath test,otherwise I’m going to get
my license suspended. Is that right?
Speaker 1
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Well, that is not correct. And specifically in Wyoming, you do not face a license suspension
for refusing a test. So let’s just narrow it down to. ‘Do I have to take a test in Wyoming?
Speaker 2
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Okay.So just adding ‘in Wyoming’ to the question.
Speaker 1
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Well, it’s telling me again that refusing to take a breath test
in Wyoming may result in penalties such as a license suspension.
And that is not accurate. So you can refuse to take a test.
But ultimately, if you do, because the laws in Wyoming,the officer can then ask the court
for a warrant and do a blood draw.
Speaker 2
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All right. So you can refuse. But are you… if you refuse, you’re not facing license suspension,
but you might end up having to do a blood draw. Is that what you’re saying?
Speaker 1
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Right. And so there is this is misinformation because there is not a penalty associated
with refusing to take breath test in Wyoming. They look at the breath test as,
you know,someone knocking at your door and wanting to come into your house.
Can you refuse? Yes. Can law enforcement get a warrant? Yes.
So you have those protections under the Constitution. You know, you
don’t have to say yes to a breath test or a blood test or a urine test.
But law enforcement can get a warrant and then the judge can require you to submit to a test.
Speaker 2
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Okay. All right. But those are steps that are down the line.
The first question of whether I have to take a breath test, what you’re saying is
the answer, in Wyoming, is basically no.
I mean, there might be other steps that happen after that,
but you don’t have to. But ChatGPT is telling us basically, yes, you do.
or you’re going to possibly face getting your license suspended. So it sounds like if if
if you have a question like this and you ask ChatGPT, you might get an incorrect answer.
But only a legal mind knows what questions to keep asking ChatGPT to get the correct answer.
So an ordinary person sort of shouldn’t be doing this, right?
Speaker 1
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Right. I mean,if you’re going to get your legal advice from ChatGPT
it might be leading you down the wrong road and and giving you flat out
wrong information like it did the attorneys in New York who are now
in hot water with the judge.
Speaker 2
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All right. So they should call you, and how are they going to do that?
Speaker 1
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We’ll include a link in the description where they can call, text
or chat with a member of my team anytime, day or night
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Here at Just criminal Law, we know you only get one shot at justice, so make yours count.

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