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Wyoming Democratic Party voices support for former library executive director

Campbell County Public Library System Terri Lesley makes a statement at a meeting in which she would later be fired by the library board. (Mary Stroka/County 17)

CASPER, Wyo. — After the Campbell County Library Board voted on Friday to terminate the employment of library Executive Director Terri Lesley, the Wyoming Democratic Party weighed in on the situation, voicing support for Lesley.

“We applaud executive director Terri Lesley for standing up for the first amendment rights of all Campbell County citizens,” Wyoming Democratic Party chair Joe M. Barbuto said. “It takes guts and true strength to do what you know is right when those who wield power pressure you to do what is wrong.”

Barbuto said book banning infringes on free speech and weakens democracy.

“Banning books and trying to silence opposing views are not the hallmarks of a healthy or productive society. Let me be clear: Wyoming Democrats stand for free speech and democracy, and we stand with Terri Lesley,” he added.

Lesley had served as the library’s executive director for 27 years.