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Why experience is the key to success

In this video, I’m sharing with you why experience is the key to success as an attorney. Experience is what allows you to get to know your client and understand the case. This knowledge is what will help you win the case!

If you’re looking for a criminal lawyer in your area, then you need to look for an experienced attorney. An experienced attorney will have more knowledge and experience than a new attorney, which will help you win the case! Watch this video to learn more about why experience is key to success as an attorney, and find the right lawyer for you!

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and South Dakota and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

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Hey, everyone.
This is Christina Williams with the Just Criminal Law.
And today, we’re going to talk a little bit about why experience matters.
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All right. That sounds good. I’m David Mann,
legal storytelling specialist.
And so I like a good story. Is there a good story
that just illustrates kind of quickly,
you know, why your firm is so well-suited
to help people who are having a legal problem?
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Sure. I mean, first of all, to start out with,
I have 20 years of experience doing criminal defense work.
And so that that means that I’ve seen
and studied the lives in legal issues.
I know the players. That is the judges,
the police, the prosecutors.
And I also am very familiar with
the rules. That is what evidence gets in
and what doesn’t get in.
And I’ve built an amazing team
over the years and specificly, I have a story
about how this all tied together with a particular client.
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Okay. So what happened?
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Well, there were a group of people
that were charged with a serious felony offense.
And each one of them had to get their own attorneys.
So we had, you know, attorneys from out of town,
local attorneys, with less experienced attorneys
that do a little bit of everything,
not just criminal defense, representing the
different clients in the matter.
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Now, I represented my client and recognized that
there was an issue that the state was going to have
in proving one of the facts in their case.
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And specifically, they needed to prove
that there was an injury. And so
through my investigator, we were able to find out
that this particular alleged victim was
checked out by another law enforcement agency
in a different county right after the incident occurred.
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So I had my investigator reach out to that
law enforcement officer and talk to him
and also get a copy of his report.
So when we went into the hearing
to to contest whether or not the state
had probable cause for the charge,
I had all of this in motion for my client.
Speaker 2
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Wow. Okay. So that that could have
could have gone wrong in many ways.
But it sounds like you averted it every single time.
Speaker 1
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Right. So, you know, I was able to cross-examine
our law enforcement officer about, you know, the fact that he
he didn’t testify to, which was that the alleged victim was
checked out by a another officer for an injury
and the state had to prove an injury.
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And so essentially, really,
all of the defendants involved in this particular
set of circumstances benefited from
my insight into what we needed to do.
And my full time investigator who was able to go out
and investigate beyond what was just going
to be given to us by the state as evidence.
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Yeah, that sounds like a really good example
of having a team that knows exactly what to look for
and then being led by you
with years of experience,
knowing sort of, you know, what works, what doesn’t work.
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Knowing the authorities and the other players in the situation
well enough to know kind of exactly what kinds of questions
they’re going to get, what kinds of answers,
and just generally having the experience
to go in there and fight for your clients.
Soeaker 1
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Exactly. And in this particular case,
not only did my client benefit,
but so did everybody else’s.
Speaker 2
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Wow. Okay. Well, if someone wants to get a hold of you,
how are they going to do that?
Speaker 1
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We’ll include a link in the description
where they can call, text or chat with a member of my team
anytime, day or night.
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Here at Just Criminal Law, we know you only get one shot at Justice.
So make yours count.

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