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(UPDATED) Campbell County emergency personnel responding to NARM tornado incident; multiple injuries reported

The sky over NARM from Highway 59 at about 6 p.m. Thursday, June 23, 2023. (Photo courtesy of Samuel De Leon)

UPDATE, 9:57 p.m.: Campbell County Public Information Officer Leslie Perkins issued the following update at 9:54 p.m.:

Information collected has confirmed the tornado which touched down at North Antelope Rochelle Mine, south of Wright, Wyoming made contact closer to 6:00 PM today, June 23, 2023.

Emergency Management has confirmed seven (7) people were identified with injuries. Five (5) people were transported to Campbell County Health and one (1) was transported to the hospital in Douglas, Wyoming and the remaining individual refused services. Those with injuries were not classified as immediately life threatening.

At this time, there are ten (10) Campbell County Fire Department Units, six (6) Sheriff’s Deputies and three (3) ambulances on the scene. Power and gas has been shut off to the mine and crews continue to work on accountability of employees. Employees which have been accounted for have been transported to Gillette, with the help of buses from Campbell County School District. Efforts are in progress to transport employees who live in Casper or Douglas as well.

Information continues to be limited, however we will share updates on the situation as it becomes available. Campbell County is still working on coordinating Peabody Officials on information being released regarding mine damage. Campbell County Health has established a Family Reunification Center and the phone number is 307-688-9800.

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Emergency personnel are responding to an incident at North Antelope Rochelle Mine reportedly involving a tornado that touched down resulting in multiple injuries, according to the Campbell County Sheriff’s Office. 

County 17 has heard multiple reports stating the tornado that touched down at NARM flipped over several buses and a train, resulting in multiple casualties, though Sheriff’s Office Capt. Eric Seeman was not able to confirm these details due to the ongoing incident. 

At this point, details are scarce, according to Seeman, who told County 17 on June 23 that multiple patients have been transported from the mine after a tornado touched down shortly before 6:05 p.m.

Seeman said he has not heard of any life-threatening injuries, though he said emergency personnel are still working on figuring out what exactly happened. 

According to a Campbell County press release, the tornado touched down during shift change and emergency services are working with mine management on accountability of employees.

“Limited information is available at this time and we will share updates on the situation as it becomes available,” the release states. “Campbell County will coordinate with NARM Mine Management and Peabody Officials on information being released.”

Campbell County Health has established a dedicated Family Reunification Center where employers and families can seek information and support, the healthcare organization announced on June 23. 

The Family Assistance Center, located in the fifth-floor classroom of Campbell County Memorial Hospital, will serve as a hub for families to gather information about their loved ones involved in the incident, CCH says. 

“Trained personnel will be available to provide updates and assist in facilitating reunifications,” CCH said in a statement. “We encourage affected families to visit the center or contact our dedicated helpline at 307-299-4572 for any specific inquiries or support needed.”

Update, 9:19 p.m.: This story has been updated to reflect additional information released by Campbell County.