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Spatchcock much? Let Wyoming flavor your grilled chicken

What does chicken taste like? Life’s too short for bland white meat. Choose Wyoming flavored chicken. Grill it to perfection. Toast our Wyoming farmers. That’s why Central Wyoming College supports the statewide Eat Wyoming Local Food Hub: to connect you to the Wyoming farmers and ranchers that raise our food. 

Here’s how to purchase Wyoming chicken:

  1. Order your Wyoming chicken online at www.eatwyoming.com.
  2. At checkout, select a customer pickup location near you or home delivery. 
  3. Spatchcock the chicken — cut it in half — for it to grill more quickly and maintain the tenderness and crispy skin.

Through the Eat Wyoming Local Food Hub — a collaboration of our farmers and ranchers — you’re a click away from fresh, locally grown food. Be local today, and eat Wyoming chicken.

To find out more about Central Wyoming College’s “Grow Your Own” program, visit its website.

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