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Campbell County commissioners approve $151.7M budget

Campbell County commissioners this morning approved the 2023-2024 budget.

Campbell County Clerk Cindy Lovelace and Chief Deputy Clerk Shannon Ireland present the preliminary budget at the June 6 meeting. (GPA-TV)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — This morning, Campbell County commissioners approved the 2023–24 budget.

For elected offices, the county will spend:

  • $1,292,725 for the county assessor
  • $3,224,814 for the county attorney
  • $3,196,400 for the county clerk
  • $1,717,307 for the county clerk of district court
  • $8,010,748 for the county commissioner
  • $406,461 for the county coroner
  • $21,274,301 for the county sheriff
  • $1,549,078 for the county treasurer

For the departments and appointed boards, the county will additionally spend:

  • $115,773 for the adult treatment courts
  • $1,410,384 for the airport
  • $3,363,851 for children’s developmental services
  • $441,465 extension
  • $294,036 for emergency management
  • $571,097 for the fair board
  • $153,030 for fleet
  • $2,989,519 for human resources
  • $3,183,228 for information technology
  • $1,134,698 for juvenile services
  • $3,903,898 for the library board
  • $538,129 for the museum board
  • $6,959,188 for parks and recreation
  • $2,269,968 for public health
  • $3,340,880 for public works
  • $7,129,884 for road and bridge
  • $5,063,377 for the joint powers fire board
  • $5,855,805 for the joint powers public land board

General county expenditures include:

  • $14,723,000 for capital construction
  • $306,000 for the E-911 equipment fund
  • $10,116,326 for the optional one-cent sales tax
  • $29,729,276 for grants
  • $132,000 for payment in lieu of taxes
  • $2,784,279 for the vehicle replacement fund
  • $50,000 for campus maintenance
  • $113,000 for the joint powers recreation center maintenance reserve
  • $3,789,803 for building maintenance
  • $70,000 for the technical education center maintenance reserve
  • $500,000 for gaming funds

The total budget is $151,703,806.

Chair Colleen Faber said that the CAM-PLEX had a little over $800,000 carry over for capital construction.

Mill levy reduction

Commissioner Del Shelstad said the board intends at a later date to approve a reduction in the mill levy to 11.1% this year. For him personally, that means a roughly $600 cut in property taxes, considering personal and real properties.

Faber said that the county’s largest employers will see the greatest impact, but it will be good if that means they can keep more people employed, and the county may be setting an example for other taxing bodies. Several special districts told commissioners that they’d align the mill levy with the assessed valuation so they, too, would reduce taxes.

“They said we’re not, we’re not going to say, ‘Oh, there’s a lot of money, we’re gonna just tax for all of it,'” she said.

Faber said that she believes each taxing body should first examine its budget and then determine the amount to levy.