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Campbell commissioners appoint new board members

This morning, Campbell County commissioners selected applicants for several local boards.

Campbell County Commissioners (from left) Butch Knutson , Jim Ford, Kelley McCreery, Del Shelstad and Colleen Faber. (Campbell County)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — This morning, Campbell County commissioners selected applicants for several local boards.

All terms end in June 2026 unless otherwise specified. All board members are volunteers.

Here are their appointments:

  • Library Board: incumbent Sage Bear, in a 4–1 vote. Commissioner Jim Ford voted for Kevin Anders. Sandra Daly, Bruce Williams, Gregory Schreurs, Sherlyn Likewise, Jay Mahylis and Ann Hardestry were the other candidates who were interviewed.

Bear, who is the current chair of the library board, joined the board in 2022 to fill an unexpired term. Her new term, which begins July 1, will be her first full, three-year term on the board.

Shelstad said that Bear’s done wonderful things on the board.

“I think she’s helped us get through a tough time,” he said, “and I’ve gotta be really honest, just the overwhelming support that I’ve seen in this community and heard from this community for Sage — no-brainer to me.”

Commissioner Butch Knutson said the candidates were fantastic and qualified but there was only one opening.

  • Public Land (CAM-PLEX), 3 positions, for the expired terms of Darrin Edmonds, Charlene Camblin and Bob Maul: Brian Norstegaard, Jerry Means and Mark Dorr. Ford’s first pick in the three votes was Edmonds. Commissioner Kelley McCreery voted in two rounds for Edmonds. The other candidates were Camblin, Jake Boller, Sterling Albers, Randy Greer, Pete Costanza, Todd Hildebrand and Rita Cossitt Mueller.

Commissioner Del Shelstad said it was interesting to hear candidates’ ideas regarding the facility, which is undergoing a master plan.

“It’s an interesting dynamic that we have going on with the CAM-PLEX right now,” he said.

  • Corrections Board: Ernie Gibson, unanimously. The other candidate was Phillip Schwendinger.
  • Joint Powers Fire Board: Travis Cochran in a 4–1 vote. McCreery voted for Dawson Rivera.
  • Rockpile Museum Board: Lucas Fralick and Stephanie Murray
  • Planning Commission: Jack Clary, in a 3–2 vote. Commissioners Del Shelstad and Colleen Faber voted for Darron Boltin.
  • Senior Center Board: Ed Sisti, 4–1. Ford voted for Rod Coulter. Suzie Stablein, Nathan Appledorn, Russell Muller, Donna Schwendinger, Sandra Lang and Schreurs were the other candidates.
  • Public Health, a five-year term: Donna Schwendinger, in a unanimous vote. The other candidate was Sandra Lang.