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When Criminal Charges and Custody Combine

In this video, we’re going to discuss the issues that can come when criminal charges and custody combine. We’ll discuss the different types of custody that can come from criminal charges, as well as the implications of each type of custody.

If you’re in a situation where criminal charges and custody combine, make sure to watch this video to learn the details of what to do and how to protect yourself! We’ll cover everything you need to know to ensure a safe and successful outcome for you and your loved ones!

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and South Dakota and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

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Speaker 1
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Hi, everyone. Can a criminal charge or
conviction interfere with your custody?
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This is Christina Williams with Just Criminal Law.
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And this is David Mann, legal storytelling specialist.
Okay. Yes. So people have different things
that have happened in their past.
And how do the different types of crimes
or criminal charges affect things
going forward in your arrangement?
Speaker 1
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Well, I mean, imagine that here you’re breaking up
with your significant other and you have a prior conviction
on your record and your significant other
is trying to threaten you with not getting custody of the children
because of this prior conviction.
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Now, will that interfere? Is that a valid threat?
And really, that depends on how long ago was that conviction?
And, you know, are you off a probation?
Have you been a good parent?
You know,are you participating in your child’s life?
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You know, that old conviction is probably not going to have
any weight in the custody arrangement
now that you’re splitting up with your significant other.
Speaker 2
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So what happens when you know how how do you get involved
in helping this to not turn out badly for people?
Speaker 1
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Well, if the proceeding is, you know,
going to take place, that is, you’re
going to split up and custody,
visitation, child support needs to be determined
and it hasn’t yet and you get a criminal charge,
then I’ll be able to,
you know, help you prevent
maybe getting that conviction or, you know,
getting the best deal possible
and really not letting that play into
what the judge looks at as far as your character
in determining custody.
Speaker 2
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Okay, and what are the different I mean, you
you would handle anything from a DUI,
which is a criminal conviction
or criminal charge all the way up to really,
really serious things as well.
And I imagine there must be different impact
on your custody arrangement
based on the level of crime,
or am I wrong about that?
Speaker 1
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No, you’re correct. I mean,
the person gets a DUI
and they’ve never been in trouble before
and it’s an isolated incident,
and that’s probably not going to affect your custody
or visitation at all.
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Now, if you’re accused of something
serious, you know, like a crime of violence
or an allegation of sexual assault,
that can definitely play into
how your custody turns out in
in that proceeding against your ex.
Speaker 2
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I imagine that things that have to do that
really only involved you like a DUI.
But naturally would you wouldn’t
expect that to have as much impact
on the custody arrangement.
But things that have to do with violence
against the actual spouse or children would have way more.
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And are there different types
of levels of violence that would be considered?
Speaker 1
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Yes. In you know, what the judge is looking at
is the totality of the circumstances.
You know,what is if this is happening
in front of the children, then, yes,
that definitely weighs against you.
You know, if you get into a confrontation
with a stranger, you know, say, at a bar
and you end up getting an aggravated
assault charge, that’s probably going to weigh in less.
You know, the really the judge just
wants to know what kind of parent
or what kind of person are you,
and, you know, is the environment that your children in at all
going to adversely affect them, either physically or emotionally?
Speaker 2
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Okay. And you can help people with this
before it’s too late and they’re stuck with years
of something that they don’t want.
You can help them with that.
So they might want to get in touch with you after hearing about this.
And how do they do that?
Speaker 1
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Sure. We’ll include a link in the description
where they can call, text
or chat with a member of my team
any time, day or night
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Here at Just Criminal Law, we know you only get one shot at Justice,
so make yours count.

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