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Thoughts on the ‘Defunding the Police’ controversy

In this video, I’m sharing my thoughts on the “defunding the police” controversy. I discuss the cons of this decision and offer my opinions on the possible consequences. As a resident of Wyoming, I feel strongly about the importance of having a strong police force. I believe that this defunding could have serious consequences.

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and South Dakota and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

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Speaker 1
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Hi, everyone. I do not believe in defunding the police.
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This is Christina Williams with Just Criminal Law.
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And this is David Mann,legal storytelling specialist.

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Well, all right. So that’s really an interesting statement.
You are a criminal defense lawyer,often on the opposite side from the police.
So it seems like defunding the police would be consistent with your beliefs.
But you’re saying it isn’t.
Speaker 1
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No. I believe law enforcement provide an invaluable service.
They are worth funding.They’re very important to our community, to our society.
And I think, you know, there’s no better feeling than knowing you can pick up
the phone and dial 9-1-1 and someone will be there to help you.
Speaker 2
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Right. I think a lot of the same things there that at all levels,
you know, from the local police officer, all the way up to the FBI,
that there’s a level of security
that we get just knowing
that they’re there.
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So you’re saying that you believe in that as well.
Speaker 1
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Right. The taxpayers really do get a valuable service and in return.
Law enforcement gets funding. They get training,they get the manpower to do their job
and do their job correctly so that we all can live in a safer community.
Speaker 2
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So even though you end up on the opposite side in a dispute, you know,
when you’re representing a defendant in a crime, often the other side
is, you know, that the police maybe didn’t do something right.
So you might be at odds with them in that particular dispute,
but you’re not at odds with the idea of police.
Speaker 1
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No, there’s an expectation that, with with all the power
comes responsibility, with all of the taxpayer support,
we should get excellence, really, when it comes to investigations
and the charging decisions when somebody is arrested.
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And, you know, it’s really important that that front end is done
the alleged victims and the accused.
Speaker 2
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Mm hmm. So you are here to say you believe in the police
and expect them to do their job properly.
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And that’s often what is under examination
in the cases that you are representing.
Speaker 1
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Correct. You know, there’s nothing worse than somebody being falsely accused
or falsely convicted of a crime that they didn’t commit.
Speaker 2
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Mm hmm. So if someone finds that they are
on the receiving end here of of an arrest or a conviction, potentially,
they may need someone like you to go and examine the details
and see if the police actually did their job correctly.
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So how would they get in touch with you?
Speaker 1
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We will include a link in the description where they can call, text
or chat with a member of my team any time, day or night.
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Here at Just Criminal Law, we know you only get one shot at Justice.
So make yours count.

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