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Agenda preview: School board to consider wages proposal

At Tuesday's school board meeting, the board will have a hearing on an amendment of the 2022-2023 budget and hear a presentation on a wage proposal for education support professionals.

School Board, Kirby Eisenhauer (from left) Larry Reznicek, Dennis Holmes

GILLETTE, Wyo. — The Campbell County School District’s Board of Trustees’ meeting at 6 p.m. June 13 will include a presentation, discussion and vote on an amendment to the 2022–23 budget. The board will also hear a presentation on wage appeals for education support professionals.

The board meets at the Educational Services Center, 1000 W. 8th St., Gillette.

Administration requests planned for June 13:

School Board Chairman Anne Ochs will hold a budget amendment hearing. Associate Superintendent of Instructional Support Dennis Holmes will review the following proposed budget amendment and request public input before the board votes on whether to adopt it:

In a June 2022 budget amendment resolution, the administration asked for budget adjustments to account for $13.6 million more for Depreciation Fund 31 and $3.6 million for a potential operating transfer from the general fund to the depreciation fund for projects like equipment replacement, aquatic center replacement and security. Administrators also said they spent $503,651 more than originally accounted for on Nutrition Services Fund 50 for increased revenues and expenses due to operating under the summer food program and rising food and material costs. The board approved the resolution unanimously.

  • Human Resources Director Larry Reznicek will ask the board to approve changes to education support professionals’ job descriptions and pay ranges. The district does a wage appeals process every June that aims to improve and raise wages and create a schedule that shows growth and job descriptions that have essential functions, according to meeting minutes. Education Management Solutions is the consultant that does the review, which involves internal equity and market analyses.
  • This year’s appeal process affects 639 of the roughly 850 staff members, Reznicek said in a presentation. There are 34 factors across measures of complexity, knowledge, responsibility, skills and working conditions that together determine range placement.
    • This year’s appeal requests, according to the presentation, are an internal equity request for the secretary to the supervisor of buildings and grounds and four external market requests for the nutrition services family, custodial positions, transportation drivers, instructional/special programs aides and warehouse technician. With external market requests, the district compares wages for the position with similar positions in the community and other school districts.
  • Administrators recommended raising annual incentives for national certification for several health-related district positions, and adding a $2,500 incentive for behavior analysts.
  • Holmes is recommending awarding about $2.1 million, based on the district’s projected needs that would be provided by eight companies, from the lunch fund for nutritional services food, milk, dairy and supplies for fiscal year 2024. The largest bids among the total collection were roughly $705,000 for Meadow Gold dairy products and just under $851,000 for Sysco Intermountain foodservice.
  • Administrators want to apply for nearly $250,000 in grant funding from the Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services. About $160,000 of that is for buying equipment and supplies for career technical education at the district’s high schools, while the rest is carry-over funds from fiscal year 2023 for career activities and enrichment.
  • Administrators are seeking approval of a $933,320 contract with Lowe Roofing of Wyoming for reroofing Wagonwheel Elementary School.
  • Holmes will also review and present for approval a list of roughly 40 school-specific maintenance projects and eight district-wide building projects that total roughly $5.5 million.

Here’s the full agenda:

I. CALL TO ORDERAnnouncements
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
A.   CelebrationsThe Thunder Basin High School girls softball team will be recognized as the 4A Wyoming State Girls Softball Champions. The Thunder Basin High School boys soccer team will be recognized as the 4A Wyoming State Boys Soccer Champions. 
B.   Budget Amendment  HearingChairman Ochs will recess the board meeting to hold a budget amendment hearing. Mr. Holmes will review the proposed budget amendment and request public input. After review of the budget amendment and public comment, Chairman Ochs will call the regular board meeting back to order. 
C.   Budget Amendment ResolutionMr. Holmes will request approval of the budget amendment resolution.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION/ APPROVAL
III. CONSENT AGENDAAny member of the board may request an item be removed from the consent agenda for discussion.APPROVAL
A.   MinutesApproval is requested of minutes of the regular board meeting held on May 23, 2023. Approval is requested of minutes of the special dinner meeting held on May 23, 2023.
B.   Human Resource ActionsApproval is requested of actions taken by the Human Resource Department based on recommendations made by supervisors. 
1. Educational Support Personnela.  New Hires – Regular
b.  New Hires – Substitutes/Temporaries
c.  Transfers
d.  Resignations
e.  Terminations
2. Certifieda.  Recommendation for Hire
b.  Resignations
c.  Transfers
d.  Extra Duty Resignations
e.  Extra Duty Recommendations
C.   Approval of WarrantsAdministration recommends approval of current warrants as provided. 
D.   Approval of Bids and QuotesAdministration requests approval of the following bids and quotes:
1. Secondary DLI Galeria Spanish Student and Teacher Books
2. Elementary Language Arts (K-2) UFLI Foundations Teachers Manuals
3. District Copy Paper
4. Nutritional Services Food, Milk, Diary and Supplies for FY2024
E.    Approval of Contracts and AgreementsAdministration requests approval of the following contracts and agreements:
1. Hillcrest Elementary Learning Software with Renaissance Learning
2. Conestoga Elementary Student Portrait Agreement with Inter-State Studio
3. Meadowlark Elementary Student Portrait Agreement with Inter-State Studio
4. Membership Application and Activity Enrollment with the Wyoming High School Activities Association (WHSAA)
5. School Nutrition Programs (SNP) Vended Meals Agreement
6. School ERP Pro Powered by Infinite Visions Software Annual Renewal with Tyler Technologies
7.  Special Education Residential Services Agreement Out-of-State Placement with Youth Villages, Inc.
8. Special Education Residential Services Agreement Out-of-State Placement with Youth Villages, Inc.
9. Wagonwheel Elementary Roofing Agreement with Lowe Roofing of Wyoming, LLC
10. Special Education Residential Services Agreement In-State Placement with Northeast Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services (N.E.W. BOCES)
11.  Special Education Residential Services Agreement In-State Placement with Northeast Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services (N.E.W. BOCES)
F.    Student ExpulsionsAdministration requests that Students #63 through #65, and Student #73 be expelled for one calendar year. Administration requests that Students #66 through #72, and Student #74 be expelled for one calendar year with early re-admittance under strict probation. 
G.   GrantAdministration requests approval to apply for the BOCHES (Board of Cooperative Higher Education Services) Grant. 
H.   Resolution to Conduct BusinessAdministration requests adoption of a resolution to conduct business between the board meetings of June 13, 2023, and July 19, 2023. 
I.      Textbook AdoptionsAdministration recommends adoption of textbooks as detailed in the attachments. 
J.    PolicyAdministration recommends of revisions to Policy 4035 National Certification Incentive. 
 Consent Agenda Ends 
A.   School Year 2023-2024 Capital Projects ListMr. Holmes will review the proposed 2023–24 capital projects list and request approval.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION/ APPROVAL
B.   Proposal to Raise Adult Meal PricesMr. Young will provide information regarding adult meal prices and request approval to raise adult meal prices from $3.75 to $4.00 per meal.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION/ APPROVAL
C.   Facility UpdateMr. Holmes will provide a facility update.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION
A.   Appeals RequestsDr. Reznicek will provide information regarding appeals for changes to job descriptions/pay ranges, and requested approval of the changes.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION/ APPROVAL
VI. PUBLIC COMMENTSAre there any public comments for the good of the order?  A response by the board will be based on available information and necessary research. 

The school board will be asked to approve these human resources actions:

At the last school board meeting, the board approved these human resources actions:

Based on these two human resources actions documents, the district has not yet found a replacement for outgoing Thunder Basin High School Principal Terry Quinn.

The board will also have a Wyoming School Board Association board training from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m. June 13. That meeting will take place in the education center’s Rocky Point Room.

Recap of the last board meeting

At the May 23 meeting, Campbell County Veterans Council Executive Board Member Denton Knapp pitched the idea of establishing Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps programs in the district as a way to motivate youths in character development and citizenship and to join the military. The board asked for more information regarding logistics and student interest.

Campbell County High School Principal Chad Bourgeois said the district’s in a “fact-finding” stage.

“At this point we are talking with other JROTC programs around the state (Cheyenne & Casper) to try to learn about all of the details therein,” he said June 6.

Holmes said at the meeting that the new Little Powder School is at 35% design and that the new aquatic center site currently has 140 grouted columns complete for the foundation, construction fencing installed and job trailers on site.

County 17 has a gallery on the progress of the construction of the aquatic center here.

Meeting minutes are available online and at the education center. The next board meeting will take place July 19.