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Campbell associate superintendent retires this month

GILLETTE, Wyo. — Campbell County School District Associate Superintendent of Instructional Support Dennis Holmes is retiring at the end of June.

Holmes told County 17 on Feb. 16 that he wasn’t sure whether he was retiring. His resignation, along with his wife’s, was presented in the Feb. 28 human resources actions list, which the board approved.

Holmes said this afternoon that he and his wife, 504 Coordinator Lori Holmes, had discussed the idea of retiring last year. This year, Lori became eligible, based on age, to withdraw Social Security benefits. Dennis, at age 60, can’t.

Dennis has been the associate superintendent of instructional support for the past five years. His work for the district has included leadership in the building of a new multimillion-dollar aquatic center at Energy Capital Sports Complex.

Dennis said he’s pleased to have such a wonderful career and to have worked with some outstanding people.

“You hear people talk about getting into a career and not enjoying it, and, I mean, for the last 33, 34 years I’ve enjoyed every minute of every day in education,” he said.

Since the work he did varied a lot and impacted many people, Dennis said it’s hard to say what he’s most proud of. He learned a lot since he’d previously worked as a principal and as an associate principal.

“As the associate superintendent for instructional support, my learning curve was a straight 90-degree incline,” he said.

He said that compared with most district employees, his contribution has been minuscule. He’s grateful for all the people around him who were willing to teach him and be so supportive that his role was doable.

“Without people like that, I mean, you’d just be spinning your wheels,” he said.

Dave Bartlett, who was previously an assistant superintendent of support operations for Laramie County School District No. 1, will take Dennis’s current position. Dennis said Bartlett is a very knowledgeable, good guy.

He said that the most significant thing anyone learns when they’re new to a school district is the culture and the operations and how to embrace it instead of working against it. Dennis has known Bartlett personally and professionally for the past five years.

“I have a great deal of confidence in what he’ll accomplish,” Dennis said.