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Sun in the morning, afternoon showers and thunderstorms dominate Gillette’s forecast

Much as it's been this week and will continue to be, today will be mostly sunny through the early afternoon.

Some smoke from Canadian wildfires can be seen around the horizon in this Wyoming Department of Transportation webcam view of Interstate 90 near Gillette on Thursday, May 25, 2023. (WYDOT)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — With an upper high over the western states and an upper low over the Great Plains, Pacific moisture will continue to stream into the region and aid in the development of afternoon thunderstorms.

The good news is skies will continue to clear the Canadian wildfire smoke, which this morning was most visible around the horizon. Much as it has been and will continue to be this week, today will be mostly sunny through the early afternoon, followed by a 50% chance for showers and thunderstorms. Today’s high will be around 79 degrees, according to the National Weather Service in Rapid City, South Dakota.

The 50% chance for thunderstorms continues overnight as the low falls to around 53. Winds from the south will pick up from 6–11 mph today to 10–14 mph overnight with gusts reaching 21 mph.

Friday and Saturday will essentially rinse and repeat today with similar highs — 77 on Friday and 76 on Saturday — with 50% chances for afternoon thunderstorms, the forecast says. Sunday will be slightly cooler with a high around 73, but it will carry a 20% chance for showers in the morning and a 40% chance for thunderstorms in the afternoon.

The Memorial Day forecast will be much of the same with a sunny start to a 78-degree day and a chance for afternoon showers, the forecast says.

More on the forecast is available from the National Weather Service in Rapid City.