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Felony Charge for Sharing a Joint?

Do you think you might have to pay a felony delivery charge if you share a joint with someone? You might be surprised to learn that sharing a joint could lead to a felony charge.

In this video, we’re discussing the felony delivery charge and how it applies to marijuana possession. We’ll answer questions like: Is sharing a joint a felony? what are the potential penalties for sharing a joint? and more.

Learn about your legal rights in Wyoming and South Dakota and what you can do as a citizen to protect your legal rights.

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Hi, everyone. Did you know your kid could be charged with a felony delivery with a penalty up to ten years, just for sharing a joint with a friend?
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This is Christina Williams with Just Criminal Law.
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And this is David Mann, legal storytelling specialist.
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Okay. This is interesting. So we talked in another video about the distinction between felony possession and intent to do things with what you possess. And this
so it sounds like now we’re talking about this idea of delivery,which I’ve always thought is something you have to have be in charge of a drug ring or something.
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But you’re saying it’s a really small amount of delivery.So maybe explain that.
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Sure. So in the previous video, we talked about possessing a felony amount of marijuana that is more than three ounces with the intent to distribute it.
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So you haven’t delivered it. But law enforcement thinks they can build a case against you showing that you intended to.
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Today, we’re talking about a felony delivery.That is no matter what amount, just one hit off of a marijuana cigaret is a felony delivery and can get you in serious trouble.
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So yeah, that’s really good to know, right?
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So for someone might think, well,possessing a little marijuana isn’t really that big of a charge.It’s okay even if I get caught or something; that might be their mentality and then they pass this joint to their friend and all of a sudden they’re potentially facing a ten year jail sentence.
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Do you have any examples of how this may have happened?
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Yes, I had a client who…he was one year out of high school and he was dating a senior in high school,and his girlfriend and her friend wanted him to come pick them up and skip school.
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So he picks them up from school and they’re driving around.
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The girlfriend says,”Hey,do you have any marijuana? And he pulls out a joint and shares a joint with his girlfriend and with her friend. Well her friend ended up getting,you know, sick off of the marijuana. She she never smoked marijuana before And her parents found out and then called law enforcement.
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He was charged with this felony delivery.That is a maximum penalty of ten years in prison. He’d never been in trouble before and had to hire our office.
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Speaker 2
Wow. And, of course, he had absolutely no idea that was coming.So without the help of your office,he never even would have known.
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I mean, he would have been facing this charge and probably gone to jail. But you managed to get him around this?
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Yes. We were able to negotiate a deal where he didn’t have a felony on his record.
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He had to go through some probation, but the end of his probation,we got the case dismissed, so his record stayed clean for this really dumb mistake.
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That sounds great. So I’m sure by this point if someone is listening to this, they might say, “Hey, you know, I could use that service.’ How do they do it?
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We’ll include a link in the description where they can call, text or chat with a member of my team any time, day or night.
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Here at Just Criminal Law, we know you only get one shot at Justice, so make yours count.

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