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School board’s May 9 meeting includes preliminary budget presentation, vote

At Campbell County School District's next board meeting, May 9, staff will present the 2023-2024 preliminary budget for board approval.

The Campbell County School District board discusses employee salary and health insurance plans at the April 25 meeting. (Mary Stroka/County 17)

GILLETTE, Wyo. — At the Campbell County School District’s next board meeting, May 9, staff will present the 2023–24 preliminary budget for board approval.

First, however, the board will hold its dinner meeting at 5 p.m. That meeting includes discussion of the professional development plan update and the kindergarten through second grade phonics update. This meeting takes place in the Rocky Point Room of the Educational Services Center, 1000 W. 8th St., Gillette.

Then, at the 6 p.m. meeting in the board room, Associate Superintendent for Instructional Support Dennis Holmes and Finance Manager Shelly Haney will present the 2023–24 preliminary budget and request approval.

According to the proposed preliminary budget, the district anticipates a 3.16% increase in funding. That includes 20.34% less in special revenue funds and 47.54% more in capital projects funds.

Revenues and expenditures are supposed to rise 3.9%. They’re balanced, with a roughly $5.56 million increase from the adopted 2022–23 $142.55 million budget to a $148.11 million budget for 2023–24.

Non-foundation revenue is listed as $28.7 million for 2023–24, up from $4.1 million in 2022–23. That includes $22.4 million through special programs reimbursement from the state.

Federal funding through capital leases rose from $405,000 to $900,000. Local sources funding is projected to rise from $150,000 to $1.75 million, while “refund/prior years” is supposed to drop from $150,000 to $10,000.

The regular board meeting’s full agenda is below.

I. CALL TO ORDERAnnouncements
Roll Call
Pledge of Allegiance
II. CONSENT AGENDAAny member of the board may request an item be removed from the consent agenda for discussion.APPROVAL
A.   MinutesApproval is requested of minutes of the regular board meeting held on April 25, 2023. Approval is requested of minutes of the executive session held on April 25, 2023, which were previously provided to the Board for review.
B.   Human Resource ActionsApproval is requested of actions taken by the Human Resource Department based on recommendations made by supervisors. 
1. Educational Support Personnela.  Resignations
b.  Terminations
c.  New Hires – Regular
d.  New Hires – Substitutes/Temporaries
e.  Transfers
2. CertifiedCertified and Facilitator Rehire Recommendations 
a.  Resignations
b.  New Hires – Regular
c.  New Hires – Substitutes/Temporaries
d.  Transfers
e.  Extra Duty Resignations
f.   Extra Duty Recommendations
C.   Approval of WarrantsAdministration recommends approval of current warrants as provided. 
D.   Approval of Bids andQuotesAdministration requests approval of the following bids and quotes:
1. Renewal for PowerSchool Schoology Software Subscription
2. Paintbrush Elementary, Meadowlark Elementary, 4-J Elementary, and Maintenance Asphalt Improvements
3. MERV Air Filters
4. Conestoga Elementary Calming Room
5. Paintbrush Elementary Magnetic Door Holders
6. Pronghorn Elementary Magnetic Door Holders
7. Sage Valley Junior High Track Storage Shed Floor and Sidewalk Repairs
8. Campbell County High School Sports Sound System
9. Conestoga Elementary Magnetic Door Holders
E.    Approval of Contractsand AgreementsAdministration requests approval of the following contracts and agreements:
1. District Training Programs Agreement with Empowered Learning Institute
2. District Onsite Professional Development Agreement with Marzano Resources
3. Rawhide Elementary Student Portrait Agreement with Inter-State Studio
4. Special Education Residential Services Agreement In-State Placement with Northeast Wyoming Board of Cooperative Educational Services (N.E.W. BOCES)
F.    Student ExpulsionsAdministration requests that Students #54 through #57 be expelled for one calendar year with early re-admittance under strict probation. 
G.   PoliciesAdministration requests approval of review of Policy 4260 Mileage Reimbursement and minor revisions to Administrative Regulation 4260-R Mileage Reimbursement. 
H.   Title I Schoolwide ProgramAdministration requests approval of the Rozet Elementary School Title I Schoolwide Program Application. 
I.      Surplus and RecycleAdministration requests surplus and recycle of obsolete and outdated items. 
 Consent Agenda Ends 
A.   2023–24 Preliminary BudgetMr. Holmes and Mrs. Haney will review the 2023–24 preliminary budget and request approval.INFORMATION/ DISCUSSION/ APPROVAL
IV. PUBLIC COMMENTSAre there any public comments for the good of the order? A response by the board will be based on available information and necessary research. 

The human resources actions administrators are seeking approval for are the following:

The board approved the following human resources actions as part of its consent agenda at its April 25 meeting.

The district makes meeting minutes available via its website and its clerk’s office at 1000 W. 8th St., Gillette.